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17 people share things that seem harmless but are actually incredibly dangerous.

17 people share things that seem harmless but are actually incredibly dangerous.


When Reddit user u/figinjosejospe posed a query on the popular AskReddit forum, the internet was all too happy to answer. Here are the top answers! (Warning: you will learn something. And it will probably be frightening)

'What seems harmless but is actually incredibly dangerous?'

1. Entire_Fan_1811 says:

Putting your feet on car dashboard.

2. slim-shitty on how dangerous driving is in general:

Crazy to think that the only thing protecting all of us from violently crashing head-on into oncoming traffic is the expectation that everyone follows the guidelines of painted lines on the ground. No walls, no barriers, just the hope that everyone stays in their own lane, and doesn't drift 5 ft over and risk putting you in a potentially fatal accident.

3. Minute-Foundation241 writes:

Sucking helium out of balloons to sound funny.

chewies_red_rocket elaborates:

The body doesn’t know that it isn’t oxygen so there isn’t any gasping for air reflex.

And MiceAreTiny goes into the science of it:

The gasping reflex is caused by CO2 accumulation, not by a lack of oxygen. As CO2 can get evacuated properly, there is no gasping.

4. A lot of people agree with Hogwarts_Earth2:

AI algorithms and deep fake technologies. It can be use for far more nefarious things than creating videos about three presidents arguing about videogames.

5. Donut_Different wisely warns:


6. And mrtipbull inadvertently explains why on a different thread:

Herbivores. Just because they don't eat you doesn't mean they won't hurt you... Carnivores look at you and think are you a good prey and are they hungry. If they think no, they will just leave you. Herbivores gets a flight or fight response. 99% of the time they prefer flight, but God save if they decide to fight...

Carnivores are designed to kill you in one instance to save energy but herbivores willl keep attacking you killing you slowly and might even do after death. No wonder hippos have a higher kill count than lions in Africa.

7. nucleararsehole brings up:

Not boiling dried kidney beans long enough.

And archlich gives the reason:

Lectin toxicity.

8. JonnyRottensTeeth similarly says:


But not for the same reason! They add:

You are 20X more likely to get killed by a falling coconut than a shark!

9. From Otherwise_Window:

A patch of calm, smooth ocean between sections that look rough. Generally that means that there's a rip under the surface. That patch of water wants to yank you out to sea and drown you.

10. artifact986 posts:

Giving honey to an infant.

And Curious-Still explains:

Botulinum toxin causes flaccid paralysis and so baby won't be able to breathe. Do not give <1yo infant honey as it can be fatal. Botulinum toxin is also found in soil (like a construction site spewing soil particles near a window with a baby crib would be bad), and canned food that goes bad.

11. SoupyMotto comes for me specifically:

Sitting all day long.

12. From meehaja, ironically:

Reddit. Thief of time, spreader of unresearched opinions, home of abuse and a constant stream of dopamine.

13. Make sure to listen to Masantonio:

Backflips into a pool. As a lifeguard I can tell you, you WILL break your neck. I don’t care that you’re good at it. Stop doing them.

14. nastybacon shares a deeply unpopular opinion:

Dogs. The 4th most deadliest animal on the planet. at an approximate 35,000 deaths per year. There are many many more dog attacks, maulings, bites. As we have these animals in our homes, in our neighbourhoods, they could actually be the most dangerous animal in the western world.

15. sketchysketchist writes:

Colorful and pretty wildlife you’re unfamiliar with. If you wouldn’t eat a berry you’re unfamiliar with, why would you pick up an animal you’re unfamiliar with?

16. CherryPickerKill shares a sexy truth:

Erotical choking.

And IShartedWhoopsie responds with a statement that we have absolutely not fact checked and will neither confirm nor deny:

More men die in Germany every year from choking themselves during the act than from gunshots.

17. Dominic7o warns:

Pool covers. It's like being wrapped in a bedsheet underwater. You cannot get free and you cannot scream for help. Once you're in the only way to get out is to be incredibly lucky and get free or have faith that someone saw or heard you fall in and hope that they get you in time. It's a lengthy, terrifying, death that's completely avoidable.

Sources: Reddit
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