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Man reveals intimate secrets at intervention trying to get GF's brother to rehab.

Man reveals intimate secrets at intervention trying to get GF's brother to rehab.


Interventions are stressful for everyone involved. The interveners, the person getting intervened, and anybody else caught in the crossfire will be involved in this last-ditch effort to help this person. You never know what may happen during an intervention.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, a man gets dragged into an intervention for someone he doesn't know well and says some not-great things.

He writes:

Last night was awkward. I was part of an intervention for my girlfriend's brother. I will call him 'Jo' because his shirt said, 'I AM BAD, I AM EVIL, I AM MOJOJOJO.' I had no business being at the intervention, but my girlfriend said my presence would provide emotional support.

So, there I was the fly on the wall, the random dude in the background, watching family and friends explain to Jo that his dinner invitation was nothing more than a lie to lure him into an ambush that might save his life. Jo said he would listen to the 'rehab pitch' if there were food because he didn't show up hungry for a fake dinner.

Jo ate while everyone told him how much they missed the person he used to be and how they all wanted to fix the broken person he's become. Not going to lie; my attention drifted after an hour of hearing different people saying the same things.

I was staring at the fish tank behind me when my girlfriend tapped me on the shoulder, indicating that her brother was trying to talk to me. I was as confused as everyone else when Jo asked me if I had anything to add. I opened my mouth without thinking and said I was just there for the fake dinner.

Jo informed all the family and friends that he had no clue who I was but liked me. I said my name and explained that I was his sister's boyfriend. Jo decided to approach me and shake my hand. Without letting go, he asked if I was sleeping with his sister.

At that moment, my girlfriend interjected and attempted to dismiss the question, but Jo managed to speak over her and said it was someone else's turn to talk. Still squeezing my hand, Jo hugged me unexpectedly and promised to go to rehab as soon as possible if I agreed to share the most R-rated thing I'd done with his sister.

My girlfriend called her brother a bully and pulled me away from him. Jo tapped his watch and said I had less than 60 seconds to tell him something dirty because nothing else would convince him to get clean. The family and friends continued the intervention as if I never got involved and Jo never interacted with me.

Jo grabbed his hoodie and made it clear to everyone he was leaving. Jo's parents begged him not to go. It was an emotional plea. Difficult to watch. At that point, I looked at my girlfriend, crying in my arms, and asked, 'Should I?'

My girlfriend and I locked eyes. She understood the question and said no. I said we could tell him about what we did on my birthday. My girlfriend asked if I was talking about 'the messy thing.' I said yes. My girlfriend covered her ears and said it was my call.

I took a deep breath and yelled, 'I peed on her!' Everyone froze. My girlfriend got upset and thought I would tell her brother about the other messy thing. I asked what other messy thing.

My girlfriend became even more upset and asked if I had forgotten about the night she pegged me. I lowered my voice and said everyone was staring at us. Without making eye contact with anyone, my girlfriend practically ran to the bathroom and isolated herself for the rest of the evening.

Jo said, no pun intended, but the back door was open if I wanted to escape. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life so far, but something good did happen. Jo gave his phone and his car keys to his parents and agreed to let them drive him to rehab the following day, which is today.

My girlfriend is no longer furious at me. She said her mom and dad might never look at us the same way again, but for now, they're too busy helping her brother to think about how their daughter and her new boyfriend behave in the bedroom—the end.

The internet cannot believe it.

Nemair says:

This is a sitcom level of weird sane enough that it could technically happen, but insane enough that 99% of people will never find themselves in this scenario.

3250804lk says:

Wait, I thought the Writers Guild of America was on strike.

avtogol says:

Jesus dude, just tell everyone you made up the peeing part on the spot so that it would sound believable to the dude and he would agree to go into rehab.

OP, well it could've been worse. You could've admitted to doing that and then your girlfriend's brother could have not gone to rehab.

Sources: Reddit
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