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Woman discovers GF is hiding a secret room in her apartment, decides to go inside. UPDATED

Woman discovers GF is hiding a secret room in her apartment, decides to go inside. UPDATED


"My(F25) girlfriend(F30) has a secret room that I found, what do I do now?"

Here's the original post:

My(F25) girlfriend(F30) has a secret room that I found, what do I do now? I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years, and we've been living together for 3 (I pay rent, it's her house). Yesterday I discovered something strange.

We wanted to replace the floor (It's scraped and uneven) with new hardwood flooring, and immediately my girlfriend was acting strange about it. She wanted me out of the house, and insisted she'd call someone, even though I knew a good contractor that could help us.

It was on the far side of the house in a neglected room, so I never really had a reason to go in there. My girlfriend had a carpet over everything, and kept it clean regardless.

Anyway, she told me we'd have someone come tomorrow, and went out for a few hours to help her brother with his car. Me, wanting to helpful, went to clear everything out of the room for the floor person. I removed the carpet, and lo and behold, I see grooves in the floor along with a fold out handle.

At this point In a little freaked out, as I knew nothing about this room, and wondered if my GF even knew about it. I pulled up the latch, and looked in to see a ladder. It didn't look old, but went down at least 10 feet. (I'm guessing?) On the back of the door was a note written in my GF's handwriting, a note about the last time it was checked, about 3 years ago.

So now I know for sure she knew about it, but why didn't she tell me? Why was she so secretive about it? I really want to go down there, but I don't know if I should. She's going to be gone for a couple more hours, so I feel like now is the time.

TL;DR! My GF was acting suspicious about a room, and I found a hidden doorway.

She also linked to this photo of the room.

Commenters weighed in:

Hexxas said:

SECRET BATHROOM SECRET BATHROOM. The real issue is why she's being weird about it. Something's up, but it could be anything. My advice is to ask casually. "Dude what's up with the secret bathroom in the floor? Pretty wild lol."

Ne0Fata1 said:

This is the start of a horror movie… go look lol.

Rosalie-83 said:

Looks like a bunker. How old is the home? Pre war? Do you live in tornado areas? Was the house ever a church? All good/common reasons to have hidden rooms. Maybe she’s a doomsday prepper and has it stored with emergency items, and doesn’t want you to think she’s crazy 🤷‍♀️ Preppers only stay safe by people not knowing about their back up stores.

Evening-Crow said:

If there's a bathroom down there it possibly leads to a bigger space/apartment. Not a fan of snooping on partners, but if it's unsafe then why be so hush hush about it? Honestly I'd feel obligated to check at that point because it's starting to seem like creepy horror film territory.

Does it seem like something she'd be embarrassed about? Is she normally an open and honest person in the relationship? Is she easily embarrassed by small things? Unfortunately, I can't really think of a reason to hide this unless something more nefarious is going on. I hate to think that, but this is just weird.

Apparently, curiosity got the best of OP. A few days later, she posted this update:

Hello, I'm alive, thank you for everyone who worried about me and asked if I was ok. I was worried my GF would come home and see me down there, so I covered it up and left without going further down. (In the picture I stepped down onto the ladder for a better view, in case you're wondering.)

My GF was tired when she came home, but didn't really say much. I panicked a little when she went towards the room, but she thanked me for moving stuff. I don't think she suspects me, but it's hard to tell with her. (I moved some stuff back into the room so it would be less obvious)

I texted my Mom about the weird room, and she told me to not go down there cause I could die or get stuck. I insisted however, and although she wasn't happy, she promised she'd call the cops if I didn't respond to her in 2 hours after I told her I'd be going. She'd also come to the house after me. You can never be too careful.

I waited till my GF was asleep, and slipped out of the room. I really wanted to go earlier, but I wanted to be able to have a lot of time. As my Mom suggested, I tucked my phone in my phone purse, and tied some rope around it. I lowered it down to the bottom, and called it with the home phone in the kitchen. It rang, so I assumed service would work down there.

I climbed down there, and big surprise, it was a bathroom. As some of you pointed out, it was clean, but not super clean. I didn't notice anything suspicious, the toilet flushed, and the electricity worked. It seemed maintained. I was curious about the door however, I thought it may lead to storage, but it lead to another room.

The room was covered in survival bunker stuff, medical kits, books, a huge box filled with rations, gallons of water, and a cot. It looked newish too. Some of this stuff seemed heavy, so I don't know how she would've carried it down a ladder, unless there's another entrance I don't know about. (I guess she could've carried it in a backpack, but it would be difficult.

Considering how much stuff there was, when would she have time? My GF leaves really early in the morning, so I guess she could've gone in around then, but still.) There was small metal door in the wall. I looked inside, the interior was covered in cobwebs, it looked like a crawlspace. I decided to avoid going in there for now. Anyway, besides that, there was nothing suspicious.

I turned off the lights, and went back up. I told my Mom I was alive, and went to bed. The next day my GF canceled the flooring cause the guy she called said it would be more expensive than expected. (I don't know if this is true.) Nothing else has really happened, but it has me thinking.

Did my GF hide the room from me cause she wanted to survive alone? Should I confront her on it? I've kept all of this secret, and it's been painful. I want there to be another reason for hiding it, but I can't think of any. TLDR: I found survival supplies and a bathroom in the secret room.

That's the last time OP has posted. So we don't know if she ended up confronting her GF or not.

Commenters have theories:

WildChildALR said:

She likely hasn't told you because she's afraid she'll be mocked. She has a survival bunker under her house. Most people would probably make a comment about breaking out the tin foil or something like that. Also the more people that know about the room the more people are going to flock there and expect shelter. This puts the security and supply assurance at risk

Current-Read said:

Your GF is a survivalist its not that she doesn’t trust you its that telling you means you might tell other people and her survivability becomes compromised in an emergency as other people would go to her for her stash. If your ok with that kind of thing look into it and slowly express your interest to her and build a bug out bag of your own.

[deleted] said:

Hi OP. Your girlfriend is a prepper. As someone in the prepper community it is very tight lipped because the notion is people will flock to you/target you if it’s ever needed. Even amongst friends that are close it’s quite often kept quiet or never mentioned in specific detail on what’s owned. That’s exactly what I’m seeing here.

Do you agree with commenters who believe the GF is most likely a secret doomsday prepper? Or could something else explain this secret room?

And OP, if you're reading this, are you okay???

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