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15 people share the wildest way they found out they were being cheated on.

15 people share the wildest way they found out they were being cheated on.


Being cheated on sucks, plain and simple.

There's no delivery method, good or bad, that overshadows the sting of betrayal itself. But there are certainly weirder and worse ways to find out you've been stabbed in the back.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the wildest way they found out they were being cheated on.

1. From TuPockets:

Her parents told me.

2. From khamelean:

She tasted like smoke, but was a non-smoker.

3. From Character_Moment_689:

He apparently wrote an address wrong and the love letter he wrote was returned to our home. It was a great way to come back from vacation.

4. From forcekin69:

She demanded to read all the messages on my phone, I said no problem but only if I could read the messages on hers.

She had forgotten to delete a message from a guy saying 'All we ever do is f*ck, can't we hang out some time?'

There was nothing on my phone.

5. From tipedorsalsao1:

Broke up with me and as I was going though deleting her socials I noticed a post she made on her snap story that was her and a guy with a post saying 'with my king', post was made two hours ago and had only broke up an hour ago.

6. From Roguewalker72:

Not me but my dad. His girlfriend at the time had been cheating on him with his friend, who didn’t know they were in a relationship. My dad found out when his friend told him he was gonna propose to her.

7. From Salakelmi:

On my birthday I was with my GF and I passed out early since I had a long a*s shift that day, and I had to drive 2h to get to her place. Woke up in the middle of the night, went outside to get a smoke, saw her f**king her ex in his car on the parking lot.

8. From Keepdreamingkiddo:

I went on a 2-week holiday and when I returned he was acting really strange. I tried to ask him what was wrong and why he was acting off. He started an argument with me, told me I was too young and insecure, asked me to leave, didn’t want to see me again. I left sobbing totally confused. Nine months later I see him walking through the city with his ex and a newborn baby…ah. Now I understand.

9. From speckledrectum:

He sent me a photo of some girl sucking his d**k at the party he was at.

On Valentine's Day. After cancelling his plans with me.

10. From Classic-Brilliant93:

I joked about knowing she was cheating she broke down and admitted it.

11. From jammersG:

He sent me a pic of the dog while I was away with a text that said 'look how cute she looks' like 3 weeks later I went back to the photo to show a friend and upon looking at the photo again I noticed a pair of women's boots in the background by the door.

12. From Sure_Economy7130

Found him in a motel room with someone when I was six months pregnant.

13. From mrblacklabel71:

We broke up and then her best friend and best friend's husband told me that night. She had been f**king a few different people but settled on one. They got married, had kids, then she cheated on him with me one night years later (I didn't know they were together).

They divorced, she remarried, got divorced, and now she is on husband number three. My favorite part is she portrays herself as an amazing Christian woman that is better than everyone because she is so Christian.

14. From beerdybeer:

My 9-year-old son told me that there were strange men in the house when I was away working. She'd been at it for years. It's horrible to deal with at the time, but honestly, it's such a relief to be rid of such a toxic mess.

15. From Kaalilaatikko:

My fire alarm woke me up when it was low on batteries at 5am and thought it was strange that my GF wasn't home yet(she was out drinking with her friend). I tried to call her, but she didn't answer. Thats when I remembered that we had the friend's spare key. She lived like next house so I went to check and my gf was sleeping in her friend's bed with some guy.

If the fire alarm didn't wake me, I think I wouldn't have ever known.

Sources: Reddit
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