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Man angrily turns off GF's alarm; she oversleeps and gets to work late; now she's mad.

Man angrily turns off GF's alarm; she oversleeps and gets to work late; now she's mad.


Relationships are full of frustrations and compromise, and few times of day exemplify that more than mornings.

Whether you're a morning person, or you'd rather get hit by a train than get up before 10AM, sharing a bed with someone who has a different sleep schedule can cause a lot of frustration. Particularly if their alarm blares incessantly.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for turning off his girlfriend's alarm and causing her to oversleep and be late to work. He wrote:

"AITA for turning off my girlfriend's alarm clock after she hit snooze too many times, causing her to oversleep and be late to work?"

My girlfriend and I live together. She wakes up at 6am to get to work at 7am. Every morning, her alarm starts going off at 5am and she hits snooze over and over before she finally crawls out of bed at 6am to be in the bathroom getting ready for 45 minutes before she leaves.

I work from home and don't need to wake up until about 8:30am. I enjoy sleeping in until then. It f#$king maddens me that her alarm goes off constantly from 5am-6am and destroys my sleep and my morning.

I've brought this up with her and she's defended the habit and refused to quit because (1) she says it's the only way she can get up in the morning, and (2) she has to drive to work for a job that starts much earlier than mine, and I work from home, so I should be accommodating to her and empathetic that she has to wake up so early and drive.

After months of this I told her that the next time her snooze went off, I'd turn off her alarm on her phone. This morning, I did that at 5am and reached over and just turned off the alarm on her phone after she hit snooze the first time. She slept through to about 6:40am, woke up, freaked out, and ended up about 10 minutes late to work.

She is furious at me. But I insist I am right and I will do the same thing tomorrow. She needs to just set her alarm for 6am when she actually gets up and forget that the 'snooze' feature exists.

People had plenty of opinions.

Penguin_Doctor wrote:

NTA. That would frustrate me to no end. Just because she wakes up early doesn't mean she can let her alarm go off for an hour repeatedly. You should just shake her awake when it goes off until she gets out of bed. I would put an end to that real quick.

Right_Count wrote:

ESH. My god. I can’t imagine waking up every morning at war with my partner.

There’s a zillion solutions to this problem. If y’all can’t figure out a single one without resorting to stubbornness and sabotage, you have bigger problems than an alarm clock.

Fianna9 wrote:

ESH- I am like your gf and I really cannot wake up abruptly. I need the easing into the day. Some people just can’t handle it. And you were an AH to just turn it off with out telling her. However, she lives with some one and needs to also look into options to not be horribly inconsiderate in the mornings.

She should look into a smart watch, I find the buzzing on my wrist surprisingly effective at waking me up and my snoozing less obnoxious to others.

sweezycat wrote:

ESH. There’s got to be some kind of compromise for y’all to find like adults. You shouldn’t have turned her alarm off. Why are people on this sub always with people they seemingly do not like? This sounds super annoying of course, but why would you want to cause somebody you like and love to be late for work?

No-Locksmith-8590 wrote:

Nta my rule is if I'm awake bc of your alarm, then you're awake bc of your alarm. Whipping the covers off and an airhorn would wake her too. 🤷‍♀️ Ask her which she prefers.

While the votes are split, this definitely falls into ESH territory.

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