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Man gets surprised by GF on family outing, gets excited, stepbrother says 'stop showing off.'

Man gets surprised by GF on family outing, gets excited, stepbrother says 'stop showing off.'


In a perfect world, we'd all love seeing other people happy. But sadly, a lot of people project their own fears onto other people's happiness.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for showing PDA with his girlfriend while hanging out with family. He wrote:

"AITA for 'loving my girlfriend too much?'"

My (20m) girlfriend (22F) and I have been dating for 2 years. Words can't describe how much I love her. She's awesome. Every day, I feel lucky she decided to be with me and the best part is that she told me she feels the same. We're even talking about moving in together, I'm in a really good place right now.

My dad, step mom, step brother(21m), his girlfriend(21f), step sisters(27f and 15f), and I were going to the mall today. I invited my girlfriend but she said she was busy. She wasn't busy. She wanted to surprise me and coordinated with my older step sister. So my step sister told me to turn around and I saw her walking over. I ran over, pulled her into a hug, and kissed her. I was happier.

It wasn't like I was in a sour mood and moping around all day, I was just happier because my girlfriend was with me. I had my arm around her pretty much the whole time we were there. Later in the parking lot, my step brothers girlfriend pulled him aside. It seemed like they were arguing, and she ended up walking away afterward. My stepbrother walked up to me and asked if I was happy.

I asked what he meant, and according to him, I made his girlfriend dump him. Apparently, she said she wanted someone to love her the way I love my girlfriend. He was convinced I was purposely acting how I was to break them up. Everyone else heard what was going on and came over.

My step brother explained his side, which was pretty much just him saying my girlfriend and I made his girlfriend dump him, and, before we could defend ourselves, my step mom started ranting at us. My dad stuck up for us and pretty soon everyone was arguing. My girlfriend and I left and we went back to her place.

I just got a long text from my step mom that's basically just her saying I should stop acting so obsessed with my girlfriend and that I was a major AH for ruining my step brothers relationship. I cant speak to how his relationship was before I introduced them to my girlfriend, all I know is they've been dating for 4 years (technically 5 but they broke up for a year and got back together).

I haven't been around them enough to know that (my step brother lives with my dad and step mom and I live with my mom). I was only acting how I normally act with my girlfriend. I love her so much and I think I should be allowed to hug her in public. AITA for 'loving my girlfriend too much?'

Redditors jumped on with all of their thoughts.

medium_buffalo_wings wrote:

NTA. I love how his conclusion was "you love your girlfriend too much" not that "he loved his girlfriend too little." I guess it's easier to just blame somebody else than to take any accountability.

-Kylackt- wrote:

NTA you don’t love your girlfriend too much, he didn’t love his enough. It also sounds like he didn’t put much effort into being with her if a simple excited reaction from you from a surprise visit from your girlfriend was enough to make her want something as simple as that.

If your step brother was smart he would learn from this experience and decide to treat the next girl a little better and give her a little more attention. I’ll also add I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more issues that you haven’t been made aware of and that this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

neophenx wrote:

NTA, your relationship and your bro's have nothing to do with each other. You are not responsible for the behavior and decisions of other adults who are doing nothing more than sharing the air you breathe.

Solid_Appeal_3879 wrote:

Aww absolutely not, that's so freaking adorable and ik my baby would do the same exact thing. It's so cute how much you love her and she deserves to feel that love from you. It's good she makes you that much happier I'm happy for you. Seems like you're just an affectionate and physical person. As long as your girlfriend's okay with it, it's absolutely fine to act the way you do in public.

Tbh your brother is the AH, you said they broke up once before so they obviously had problems. And you're step moms only upset bc her son got dumped, you have a healthy relationship and they're just jealous. I'm glad your dad stuck up for you bc as I said you did absolutely nothing wrong, keep it up lol.

Clearly, OP is NTA here, his stepbrother is a major one.

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