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Man takes money from airline and skips flight; fiancée gets upset, says 'I needed you.'

Man takes money from airline and skips flight; fiancée gets upset, says 'I needed you.'


There's nothing quite like getting in a fight with your partner that you never could have predicted. It's one thing to get into a fight over a topic you know is a trigger for both of you, but it's another thing for it to come out of nowhere.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for taking $2,000 and a late flight home instead of going straight to his fiancee.

He wrote:

AITAH I took $2,000 to get off the plane and came home late?

Delta gave me $2,000 to skip my flight. This is $2,000 that can be spent ANYWHERE. The flight looked like it was going to get canceled anyway. It did. So now I have $2,000 and a hotel stay but my fiancée is mad at me because I chose the money over coming home. But it looked like the flight was going to be canceled.

Not to mention I called once and texted once to ask her opinion and she didn't answer either so I had to make the decision by myself. She claims because she's been in a semi-depressed state the last few days it is crazy of me to ever make that decision. She has not communicated to me well enough how 'bad' she really is right now. Last night when we spoke and she seemed better.

People had a lot to say about this one.

Jrm1102 wrote:

NTA - unless you missed something important, take the money.

Electronic-Smile-457 wrote:

You know what would make me feel better? My husband telling me he just earned $2000 in 24 hours. Hopefully, in a good relationship, it benefits both of you. NTA.

BrizzleBearPig wrote:

NTA. Stand alone it seems like a good deal and with hindsight and the flight getting cancelled, you were proven right. How late were you getting home and did you miss anything important/semi-important?

superfastmomma wrote:

NTA. She needs to be under care of a professional. Lovers, friends, family cannot treat someone's mental illness and no relationship can thrive if you are expected to halt your life long term to caretake. No shade to anyone but you aren't capable of offering what she needs.

Sea-Adhesiveness9324 wrote:

NTA. People like your girlfriend need to stop with the 'therapy talk' and self diagnoses to describe their every emotion. How is one 'semi-depressed'? You're either depressed or you're not. You made the right financial decision. But now your GF wants to make it about her. Ask her to write down all the ways your decision impacted her life in those 24-hours after she expected you home.

OP is definitely NTA, it sounds like his GF is having big feelings in general, but that doesn't mean he did anything wrong.

Sources: Reddit
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