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Man gets yelled at for not leaving early to pick GF up at airport, friends agree with her.

Man gets yelled at for not leaving early to pick GF up at airport, friends agree with her.


The internet serves a lot of purposes, but one of its key purposes is to settle arguments between couples.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for not leaving early to pick his GF up from the airport. He wrote:

"AITA for my girlfriend having to wait to be picked up from the airport?"

So my girlfriend (F26) went out of town for the weekend and I (M26) dropped her off and picked her up. Her flight was scheduled to get back at 7:40pm Sunday night. On Sunday I went to dinner at my parents' house and was going to go directly from dinner to pick her up. During dinner, I was checking her flight status to make sure I was going to be on time.

The last I checked was at 7pm and it said her flight was going to arrive at 7:28. At 7:12, as I was leaving to go to the airport, I got a text from my girlfriend saying she landed, followed by a text asking why I was still at my parents house. I said I was just leaving and would be there in about 35 minutes.

She texted back and said she was “so f#$king pissed”, and “don’t bother, I’m going to get an Uber,” “it’s extremely irresponsible”, “you better have a damn good excuse”…to quote a few of the texts I got on the way to the airport. Anyway, she ended up having to wait about 15 minutes for me to get her.

She says that she shouldn’t have to wait to be picked up at the airport and that I should have given myself more time just in case her flight was earlier. To me, I don’t understand why I should have to be the one to wait in the cell phone lot, especially when I’m doing a favor (which she says me taking her to the airport and picking her up is not a favor, just something I should do).

In my opinion, for a flight that landed 16 minutes before the flight tracking said it would, waiting 15 minutes is not that bad and should be understandable. But let me know if I’m wrong! She said she talked to people about it and they all say she’s right…and I don’t like talking about relationship issues with people that know both of us. So coming to Reddit to see if I’m crazy.

Redditors had opinions, per usual.

BeautifulPhantom1 wrote:

NTA, when my flight lands early, I simply text whoever was nice enough to agree to pick me up and let them know that I will be ready and waiting, or I take a cab and save them a trip (depending on my financial status on any given trip). A 15-minute wait isn't going to kill anyone.

Your girlfriend sure has a flair for the overly dramatic. You need to ask yourself if this is really something you want to deal with for the years to come. Hardly your fault that the airline schedule didn't reflect an early landing.

TemptingPenguin369 wrote:

NTA. But her nasty texts make me wonder how often she pulls crap like this. If someone were kind enough to do me the favor (in a world of buses, subways, and Ubers, yes it's a favor) of picking me up at the airport, I would never harangue them like this. Most times it's at least 10 or 15 minutes after landing before you're even off the plane anyway.

I really kind of hate that she did the “don’t bother, I’m going to get an Uber” when in fact she was NOT going to get an Uber; she was going to wait there for you to show up to probably throw more verbal abuse your way.

Which-Tour2102 had a question:

INFO: If it takes 35 minutes to get to the airport then why weren’t you leaving around 7? It’s weird to me that you are annoyed to have to wait in the cell phone lot but your girlfriend should have to suck it up and wait for you to pick her up after a day of traveling.

And OP answered:

Fair question. It typically takes 20-30 minutes from the time a flight lands to deboard, take the train to another terminal, and get to the passenger pick up area.

PrettyPenguin0607 wrote:

NTA. She sounds a little unhinged tbf. 15 minutes is not that long to wait especially since she landed early.

OP is NTA here at all, his GF is massively overreacting.

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