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19 people in happy relationships reveal their partner's absolute worst trait.

19 people in happy relationships reveal their partner's absolute worst trait.


Everyone knows that 'nobody's perfect,' but falling in love can trick you temporarily into believing that the person you met two weeks ago on a dating app is a flawless superhuman spirit carved by the gods...

Luckily, if everyone's partners were immune to mistakes and pet peeve-inducing behaviors, relationships would all be relatively boring. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People in happy relationships: what is your significant other's worst trait?' people were ready to share the one detail that brings the fairytale romance directly back to reality. No, he's definitely not 'the best driver who ever roamed this planet.' Yes, you'll end up on Mars if you ever ask her for directions.


He's indecisive as F*CK. I love my husband with all my heart but whyyyyy do I have to park before we go into a drive through so he can look at a menu on his phone before he orders the same thing he gets every. other. time.

The other day I had to pick for him at a dine-in restaurant because he kept saying 'should i get a salad or a burger?' long enough for the server to come back 3 separate times to take our order. - SquidOfReptar


He is absent minded when it comes to obvious 'tidying up' things that most people do - so forgets to push in chairs, close doors, close cabinets and drawers, put his dishes in the sink, etc. Drives me insane. - Punkeroo


She sets the alarm for an hour and a half before she needs to be up and just keeps hitting the snooze button. I might have to leave her over this (not really). - Orphanpuncher0


My husband is the Anti-hoarder. 'Why do we have this giant torch/flashlight? we NEVER use a giant torch/flashlight' throws it away. 1 week later: has a blackout 'Why don't we have any big torches in the house? why am I stuck using these little travel size ones?'- onesecondofinsanity


When I ask her to repeat herself (because I didn't hear what she said) she just repeats one word, making it even more difficult to understand.

SO: Did you hear the Queen was too sick to attend church at Christmas?

Me: Sorry?

SO: The Queen...

Me: Huh?

SO: The Queen!


SO: At Christmas.

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

SO: Oh forget it... - TheEpiquin


She's really good at figuring out movie plots, so she can spoil a movie without ever having seen it before. - RonzJava


She can't watch anything without stopping it and rewinding it over and over, either because she wasn't paying attention or she wants to read some silly detail. It usually takes at least twice as long to watch anything. - stickwithplanb


She seems to not always be wholly aware why it's called an internal monologue. - [deleted]


She doesn't rinse off her cereal bowls. If you rinse your cereal bowl right away it cleans so easily... if you leave it though the cereal gets all hard and stuck to the plate. It turns a 5 second rinse job into a 2-3 minute rinse job. - averiantha


Leaves her wet towels on the bed - nails_for_breakfast


My SO overextends herself and volunteers for everything. Halloween decoration and science fair project coordinator at the school for the 1st grader? Sure! Cries at home the night of. - meowallow


Starts to say something to me while walking away. All I hear is 'Hey, don't forget to hakfnwnaldnwsmf.' I'm looking around trying to decipher what the hell he just said to me and start making s*it up. He'll get mad when he has to repeat himself. - Little_Mizzfreestyle


I don't know about 'worst trait' but an annoying habit: he changes the words to popular songs, sings them constantly, and gets them stuck in my head. So then I just repeat the WRONG WORDS over and over in front of people.

'His version' of songs are often inappropriate/completely meaningless. Hilarious, but I can never think of some songs the right way again! - _boov


He whistles, sings to the pets and repeats weird catch phrases when he comes home at midnight. Wakes me up and drives me crazy. - quickwitqueen


She fills the dishwasher all wrong. It's like she's never played Tetris before - snorbie


He's like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me, which is really sweet until I almost get heat stroke - Derangedbuffalo


She takes her socks off in bed, but leaves them down by her feet under the covers. Once a week I have to go down there and get them all out or else they start to slide over to my side. - OpTicDyno


She never finishes a can of soda or a beverage. There is always 1/3 left in the bottom. I dunno why, but it annoys me so much. Then the dog knocks it over or I knock it over when I think it's done and misjudge the weight. Pretty serious I know... I hope we can make it work. - idog99


His absolutely awful Italian impersonations he obnoxiously does in public just to embarrass the hell out of me. I get so annoyed, turn bright red, sweat profusely and yell at him to stop but that just makes him yell 'eyyyy linguini', etc louder. - [deleted]

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