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16 people reveal the one dating dealbreaker that they could never accept.

16 people reveal the one dating dealbreaker that they could never accept.


Knowing what you're looking for in a romantic relationship is one of the most difficult parts of navigating the swiping, scrolling, ghosting, blocking, and awkward coffee date journey toward a soulmate...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's a dealbreaker when it comes to dating?' people were ready to share the one behavior, habit, or relationship style that they're 100% unwilling to compromise on. Bad tippers? No thanks. Possible passive aggressive mother-in-law? Bye. An empty bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo and nothing else in the shower? Your number's getting blocked.


Someone who doesn't believe in... anything. No passions, no interests, no stances on issues, just molding themselves to whatever they think I want to hear. That's a person who A. Will be codependent because they've not developed a sense of self & will rely on me for all mental stimulation. Or B. A person who's secretly got sh*tty views or toxic habits & is concealing them to try & get me invested. Hard pass. - AllPerspicacity


As a young woman that has dipped her toes into dating. A deal breaker for me is someone who has just come out of a long committed relationship and is out dating without giving themselves a proper healing stage. - isaboooty


People with no hobbies. - triple_hoop


Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, anti-science views. - scatteredloops


Unwilling to grow. Like we are supposed to grow and change as people like who wants to look back in 10years and think I didn't change at all I just got older... - Supernaturalsprinkle


Taking photos/selfies before eating. - PulakHasan


Treating people in the service industry like crap. - FrustratedKaijuFan


Bad table manners. I don’t think I wanna try to change someone. If that’s how your momma raised you I don’t want any part of it - cheap_guitars


When a girl says: 'all my friends are guys' just turn around and walk away. You don't need this bro trust me. - Ancient-Lingonberry4


Smoking/vaping. - just_minutes_ago


Ex-boyfriend trash talking. Especially if it's multiple ex-boyfriends. I just know eventually I would likely be in that pool. - Solkos


Horse girls. Having been in a relationship with one during my teens, never underestimate how much time she won't have left over for you. - Chippas


As someone who doesn't want children, dating someone who does is a dealbreaker. Suffered a couple broken hearts over having to make this decision... - _JazminBianca


Having to constantly message and call because they want to be apart of your life every second. Even while working. Oh God. - rnbwhtr


Head games. If you still want to do that in your 20's or 30's you are not mentally old enough to be with me. - boopnsnootshaha


They don't initiate ANYTHING such as dates or intimacy - Blackcore8

Sources: Reddit
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