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20 people share the absolute dumbest reason their ex ever used for cheating.

20 people share the absolute dumbest reason their ex ever used for cheating.


If you find yourself blaming the nice weather or a rude waiter for cheating on your spouse, it might be time for an open relationship...

At some point while scrounging up excuses for hooking up with your coworker at the office holiday party and sneaking out of a funeral with your cousin's wife 'because she's a Scorpio,' it's okay to admit that monogamy isn't for you. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the dumbest reason your (ex) partner gave for cheating?' scorned ex-lovers everywhere were ready to share the most ridiculous, hilarious, or boldly pathetic excuses that they heard to justify cheating.


“It’s not what you think it is!” After I walked in on them making out. While she was on his lap. Both without shirts. - MrSirChris


My serial cheater ex once told me while in a fit of tears. 'I can't stop cheating, I just have so many issues, my mom lied about Santa when I was a kid and it really f*cked me up. I don't think I can trust people because of it so I cheat.' - pastelflorist


“It’s like if you order the same subway sandwich for a year, eventually you’re gonna get bored of it.

But you try another flavor and when you go back to the original one it’s better than you remembered.' Felt not so good being compared to a 6 inch BLT tbh. - NucularOrchid


“My dad cheated on my mom so it’s a curse” - MarsaliRose


They were “so drunk” they “forgot” they had a boyfriend. - Fast_Beyond5963


'I didn’t think you’d find out' - onemoretwat


'Just because we're living together doesn't mean we're monogamous!' - Midas_Artflower


You can't have children anymore so I just slept with your friend to get pregnant. I was hoping that once you found out you'd stay with me and raise the kid - you're such a good dad. - Toxikfoxx


Told me his mom had cancer so he needed some space. His best friends told me that was a lie. Later found out he was starting a new relationship during that time. - PiggyOcho


'You know that I'm bisexual. So I have to be poly too, otherwise it's just not fair.' What she said when I caught her with other men. I'm also a man. - Inner-Nothing7779


'She was prettier than you, what did you expect?' We were engaged and had been dating for 3 years. - kathjoy


It was his kid's mom so it didn't count - kittenxx96


My ex-girlfriend said I forgot you were alive. For details I wasn't in the military, I was in university - Ali8ly


I couldn't have sex for two weeks so I could recover from surgery so she thought it wasn't 'cheating.' - Henchforhire


'You didn't answer your phone, was I supposed to spend Saturday night alone??' I was at work, and so were you, we worked together you f*cking moron. - sixesand7s


'I tend to get bored with someone after a few months.' - cabalavatar


'Long distance is really hard.' I lived an hour away. - Jimothy-Goldenface


He downloaded tinder and said it was to “Promote his band” - final6666


“I only slept with her because she looks like you.” - UrNTA-but_I_am


'You are dying! Do you really want me alone when you are dead?' I was fighting cancer, He also told me that I was disgusting and he felt gross touching me. Luckily, both types of cancer are out of my life. - Mr_BigDuck

Sources: Reddit
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