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16 people share the boldest thing their partner ever said in front of their parents.

16 people share the boldest thing their partner ever said in front of their parents.


Introducing a significant other to the parents can always be a spooky and awkward situation, but the moment they get too comfortable can be even more terrifying...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the ballsiest thing your S/O has said to your parents?' people were ready to reveal the shocking, hilarious, or beautifully brave comments their partners once said in the presence of their parents. Just when you thought Thanksgiving cocktail hour couldn't get any more tense...


Where I live there is a restaurant named Dick Russells. My partner asked me stop by and pick something up on the way home. Sends a text to my mom saying 'I can't wait for your son to get home so I can have some dick.' - Monkespank


I have a pretty conservative, Baptist family, and I’m gay. Brought my boyfriend over to meet my dad and he told him, “I know your son inside and out.” I’ve never been more terrified in my life. - megaawkward3


Ex gf: 'Wow, I'm surprised any of your kids are still alive.' - DangerousKidTurtle


My wife is Polish and I'm British. The first time she met my dad he tried to make conversation by saying that we saved them in World War Two. She responded 'you took your freaking time!' - xiphia


Was having dinner with my mom and my brand new boyfriend at the time when he started hugging me at the table (the kind of hug a child gives to a pet rabbit where you just feel bad for the creature receiving the love).

I say, 'Don't. Stop.' He responds, 'Don't stop? Okay' I grumbled and said, 'No, there's a period in there.' Without missing a beat he said, 'Girl you know a period never stopped me.' In front of my mom. - PMYourBeard


Don't remember the exact wording, but my boyfriend was helping my parents bring in their groceries one day and they hand him a bunch of jugs of milk to bring in and say something like, 'here, bring these in if you are able,' and my boyfriend says something like, 'I don't know, I'm not used to holding this many jugs at a time, ashley only has two.' - larrieuxa


“You come off as kind of a b*tch all the time, you should work on that.” Still is my S/O, love the girl, mother started to like her after that day. - GSkittle666


My dad was talking to me and my boyfriend about safe sex when my boyfriend whipped out the condoms he had in his bag and said 'Don't worry, I'm already prepared' - ssands-of-time


My mom was trying to recover after telling a really long winded joke that just didn't land, and after a couple excruciatingly cringe-filled seconds of no one laughing, my boyfriend said 'oh, I didn't get it because it wasn't funny...' With a kind of playful smirk on his face. Maybe the hardest I've ever laughed. - thebachmann


The first time I brought my wife home, it was on a weekend my father was supposed to be away for some camping. Well, he gets home early because of bad weather, so I'm now in the obligation of presenting him this girl that's in my room downstairs. Eventually, we get out of my bedroom as my father is starting to prepare dinner. As he sees her, he asks: 'Wow, I wonder what a wonderful woman like you eats to stay this beautiful!'

Her answer? 'Well, this morning? Your son.' Yup. What a way to make a good first impression. Good thing is that it's exactly my dad's type of humor, otherwise, it could have gone bad. - Oneiric86


My fiancé jokingly said to my dad when they first met 'God Frank, all you ever did was make a hot daughter.' My dad is weirdly obsessed with Talladaga Nights so he thought it was hilarious - Stephylococcusaureus


My S/O looked at the crucifix (with the crown of thorns and blood) my parents have hanging on the wall over their bed's headboard, and said, 'Doesn't that make you feel inhibited?' - Back2Bach


I lived with my parents when my husband and I were dating. He would come over, and either he would sit on the bed and me sometimes at my pc, or vice versa.

My mom would come into the room and ask what we were doing. We would always say, 'making out.' To which her reply was always, ' I may be old but I remember making out, and this isn't it.'

Fast forward to wedding a year later, and we had to go back by my parents house the next day. We walk in, and my husband puts his arm around my mom, and says, 'you know, there WAS a whole lot more to that making out.' I was absolutely mortified. - Mimsy34


My girlfriend and I were on a ski trip with my parents, and this was the first time she would be spending an extended amount of time with them. In the morning while getting ready, my dad walks out in his long johns and underarmor top, and overall tight-fitting outfit.

My girlfriend wasn't really expecting this, and my dad caught her looking his way. And my dad, as always one to put someone on the spot (in a fun way), says 'whatchya looking at?' Without a moment's hesitation, my girlfriend goes: 'Just checking out the older model.' Needless to say she was instantly accepted into the family. - [deleted]


His words : 'your daughter is a financial terrorist' - [deleted]


Second time my boyfriend was meeting my parents, Dad kept saying he could've sworn when I was a baby I had a birth mark on my a*s. I was arguing that I didn't, my boyfriend chimed in to confirm. - C*m___Dumpster

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