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19 people share the moment they immediately lost interest in a crush.

19 people share the moment they immediately lost interest in a crush.


Ending a date where the sparks are tragically far from flying can be an awkward endeavor, but the journey to find love wouldn't be as interesting without some glorious flops...

Luckily, the universe occasionally graces us with a gift So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What made you lose interest in your crush?' romantics everywhere were ready to share the turn-offs, behaviors, or weird observations that immediately shattered their rose-colored fantasies.


She told me she's never loved anyone as much as she loves me and she can't wait to spend our lives together. That was in the first four hours of knowing each other. It was just a bit too much - running_in_spite


He cheated while playing a game. I lost interest immediately. - lilpandatoys


He started talking. He was so full of himself - Which_Ad3038


They were good looking and nice natured, but not very smart. Holding a conversation with them became tedious after a while. - Heart-of-Glass-1


The instant she pulled out a cigarette, fired it up, and began smoking. - 69vuman


It was a pretty quick flip. They asked my stance on gun control. I said I want reasonable gun legislation. They said they were a lifelong member of the NRA. It fell apart for both of us. - TransientMovement


We'd be texting and at a certain point every time she'd just heart react my message and ghost me for hours. It got to the point where she'd text me 'Hey', I'd say it back, she'd like the message and that was it. - beneater66


Found out she was married and has been referring to her husband as her “roommate”. Never lost interest so fast - put-me-in-the-trash


I realized she’s one of those people who can’t sustain a relationship or friendship without destroying it - society15sick


I heard her unironically blame a problem on being a 'test from God'- ZsaFreigh


He lied and cheated and lied again. That cured me. - love2ring


She took a $20 dare to drink two dude's loogies spit into a cup in science class. Immediately killed all interest and respect. - Aelok


She seen my fossil collection and she seemed super interested at first, then she went off on this rant about how dinosaurs weren’t real. She started talking about religion, ( I’m an atheist, but I don’t hold any hate for religion.

I don’t disrespect it , I actually find it fascinating ) and when I brought up the crusades she looked at me like I was nuts. She says the Christian crusades never happened. She is such a lovely person. But so closed minded. It’s such a shame. - Fit-Explanation-2127


When they let astrology run their lives and used it to justify their behavior. A person's sh*tty behavior shouldn't be blamed on their astrology sign. - curioustigerstripe


When he said he couldn’t decide who he wanted to date between my best friend and I. I introduced him to my friend when we were kind of casually seeing each other, she decided she liked him and wanted to date him too...apparently he liked us both so much and couldn’t decide who he wanted to be in a relationship with.

Having him on the fence made me happily decide I was no longer interested in him and told my friend that I had more self respect than to fight for someone who clearly wasn’t that interested in me in the first place. - squeephish


I was really into them initially. The more I got to know him, the more I saw very ugly aspects about his personality. His lack of maturity and entitlement put me off - azitenten


Jokingly said I should put my cat down. I didn't take that as a joke. Crush instantly disappeared. - Mr_E_Pants


She stabbed me in the hand with her fork while we were out to dinner, after I had the nerve to cheekily take one of her chips/fries. - Jack_In_Black89


Getting to actually know her. A couple of times I fell for the image of a girl I had in my head, only to realize that that idealized version was very far from the truth. Not their fault, though. Another time the girl in question tried to seduce me by pretending to be stupid.

Some guys may find that enticing, but my libido went down like the Hindenburg. Luckily I eventually found my wife. By that time I had learnt not to idealize that much. She turned out to be even better than I imagined, and had a lot of qualities I wasn't expecting to love as much as I do. - Bletter2020

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