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17 people share the red flag in dating that immediately makes them say 'NOPE.'

17 people share the red flag in dating that immediately makes them say 'NOPE.'


After you've been on one too many awkward first dates, spotting what you definitely don't want in a potential partner is easer than ever...

You might never lock down your 'type' or the exact qualities you desire in a soulmate or fun fling, but it's hard to avoid a blazing, blaring red flag after you ignored the first twenty alone the Tinder trail. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'what’s a red flag in someone you look at and say 'NOPE?'' people were ready to share their number one relationship dealbreaker.


Accountability. If you can't accept when you're wrong or apologize then I'm out. I don't have time for the mental gymnastics you have to jump through to justify your sh*tty behavior. - Tathanor


Using the word “alpha” in a serious context - littlebits92


I have a dark and often politically incorrect sense of humor, but my red flag is this: if that is the ONLY type of 'joke' a person makes, they don't have a dark sense of humor. They're an as*hole. - lupus_qui


Not cleaning your house and car. Like never. At least clean it once a month and not just let it pile with nowhere so even step on. - YourRoyalGarbageness


Any sign of narcissistic personality and lack of self accountability. Been there, done that. Not letting it happen again. - PotentialStocker


Talking about their first love, claiming they'll always love them while trying to be in a relationship with you. - Ashamed_Track_3222


If they’re scrolling on their phone on the first date or two. It just screams “I’m bored and uninterested.” It’s just incredibly rude. - SnooLemons9080


Blaming others for anything negative that happens. - StepfordMisfit


Getting angry over any little inconvenience. I shouldn’t have to help you control your emotions. - Jhondoesmokes


Treating waitstaff and retail clerks disrespectfully. - Immediate-Gold8182


People who have zero sense of humor. You've got to have a laugh at some stage of the day at work, school, hobbies etc anywhere - BirdyGeee


Inability to be alone is a huge red flag - Icy-Operation-6549


That delusional level of confidence that means having strong opinions of every topic, regardless of how uninformed they are. - robbycakes


Talking negatively behind other people's backs. - aeraen


The last one that happened was a date I was on started mocking her ex because apparently he became a crier after a family death. Like bro, he didn't become a crier he was grieving and you are a whole cunt. Never called her back. - Alces_Regem


People who say “Oh my God. That’s so funny” but don’t laugh. - SnooBooks4898


Wants you to drastically change or give up your hobbies - South_Ad7174

Sources: Reddit
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