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17 people share the Valentine's Day gifts they can't wait to give their partners.

17 people share the Valentine's Day gifts they can't wait to give their partners.


Valentine's Day can be a stressful holiday when you're trying avoid the standard 'flowers, chocolate, or romantic dinner' plan...

What do you get your partner who is particularly difficult to shop for, or do you have to even bother with a Hallmark-invented holiday that forces romantic gestures? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are you getting your SO for Valentine's Day?' people were ready to reveal the thoughtful gifts they're excited about giving their significant others. Take notes, holiday procrastinators everywhere!


Bottle of scotch and the fixings for a cheese platter. it's a tradition. - mesahal


This year I am going to surprise my GF a couple days before the 14th. I plan on buying a dress or something, putting it on our bed with a note saying 'Put this on, be ready @ 7:00 for dinner'. I'll make a reservation somewhere (shouldn't be hard to get a reservation on the 10th of Feb) and we will enjoy a nice night. - money_boi


She is going to college 4hrs away from where I live currently and I told her that my bosses are making me work valentines day and really wish I could be there. In reality I am waking up early, driving to her dorm where I have planned for her roommates to let me in while she is in class so I can decorate her room with balloons, flowers, love notes, candy and everything pink (her favorite color) as well as giving her a garnet necklace with matching earrings. Then I'm taking her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. - MrWhiisper


My wife picked out jewelry online, and I'm buying it. That's communication guys, USE IT. - N0rthside_Donutz


Bacon Roses and a bottle of Jack Daniels - BuddytheRott


18 Roses and an engagement ring. The 18 roses are because of a special at my local florist that has had a reputation for quality flowers, no special number or anything. And to clarify, I'm not asking her to become engaged ON Valentine's Day, I'm simply getting the ring from the Jewelers on that day and it happens to be for her. - WyomingFlip


I'm going to go to several chinese places around the city, getting her favorite meal parts from each, then surprise her at her apartment with those and her favorite movie ready to play. - revsehi


I got him a funny card that has a couple walking on the beach and it says 'I like having sex with you.' I saw a month ago and had to get it. Also I'm going to get him a heart shaped pizza and probably some candy. - SilverSpooky


I'm due any day now, so I guess I'll be getting him a daughter. Not sure of what else. - Jenniferandtonic


I gave it to him early - I put clothes pins (about 30) in a glass jar with a different date night on each one. We're going to pick one every week for date night. This week is Popcorn and RomCom night. For every clothes pin he picks, he puts another one back in that he writes and we save them all. - whereisbreakfast


A handmade card and I'm making dinner for us. I'm a broke college kid; that's about all I can afford. - Cellifal


Metal keychain stamped with the coordinates of where we first met. Etsy, $13. Holla. - waldo0


My girlfriend is obsessed with cheesy romance novels. I mean, she reads more than a book a day when we're not in school, it's basically her obsession. So, for Valentine's day, I'm in the process of finishing a nearly 150 page novel telling our story through my perspective.

Before I met her, as I met her, when we started dating, all the way until now, 2 and and a half years later, with everything in between. I'm then getting it published and gifted to her! - rosieiwin


Every year, I get her a plant, and it dies. Flowers, dead. Bonsai trees, dead. Cacti, f*cking dead. So this year, I'm going to get her a painting of a plant. - Ihavenocomments


Something out of the box. I suck at planning, so I have a hidden box. Sometimes for Birthday or Christmas I need to shop for something special. V-Day, Anniversary, job promotion, etc, she gets something from the box.

Couple books, some music CD's, at least 2-3 pieces of jewelry, Fancy soaps, Blackwing 602 Pencils, small bottle her favorite perfume, Cute refrigerator magnet, whatever. I stock it whenever I can. If we go to a craft show, I go for a snack, circle around and buy whatever she was just looking at. She reads a book by a new author she likes on a plane, just go buy 2 others by them. Picking up a prescription at the Drugstore? Hit the soap aisle pickup something that smells good. - OkayAlready


Chinese Takeout. So we can stay in and watch Netflix - theschmohawk


I'm going to offer to take her car to get the oil changed. But really, I am getting a stereo with an aux input considering she drives 45 minutes to see me all the time and only has a tape player. And, I'm putting a huge red bow on it. - [deleted]

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