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17 single people share the hardest part of dating when you're over 30-years-old.

17 single people share the hardest part of dating when you're over 30-years-old.


Dating is often a hilarious, humbling, beautiful, and overall rollercoaster of journey in the search toward true love of all shapes and definitions...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the hardest part of dating after 30?' adults everywhere were ready to share the most difficult parts of swiping through the apps, 'defining the relationship' or sipping a happy hour cocktail while asking how many siblings someone has.


I've learned I prefer my own company. - PrinceEnternalStench


Wanting to actually do things. - lukas_the


Finding the will to bother with it at all. - NoDepartment8


We’re all the walking definition of baggage. - BidenTrumpR34


Many women in my age range are either married, have kids, are heavily involved in their careers, or all three. The ones that aren't either have nothing (emotionally or spiritually) going for them, have mental health issues, are smart enough to stay away from dating in general, or all three.

And as a man... I'm in the latter category. I had a rough upbringing and have been playing a fair bit of catch up. I've had experiences with women trying to build me up or vice versa. It never works. Stay single until you're ready, or until someone right changes your trajectory. Until then, cultivate the real you. - fontimus


People are more stuck in their ways, are more jaded, been through one or more serious relationships that hurt them. - Crawfork1982


Everyone your age is married or has a partner - Kuri_Kinton_Chris


I look much younger for my age, and i am often asked out by men 10 years my junior, then they either get freaked out when they find out my age, or seem to fetishize me as the 'milf' even though i have no kids and nothing about me is matronly.

As for men who are my age...they seem to forget my life experience is every way comparable to them. Yeah I was around when aol messenger was a thing.. i remember air travel pre-9/11! you dont need to explain everything to me! I was there! - deathbypapercuts


As someone in my mid 20s, currently dating a woman in her mid 30s, I actually enjoy it a lot. Way less drama, more communication and they know what they want. - IndependenceHungry69


Pretty much everyone on the market is coming from a loooooong string of failed relationships, and in a lot of cases they're the reason for that, but you often can't figure that out until you've been dating for a while because they've gotten really good at concealing whatever the reason is. - Asleep_Onion


I’ve realized when you hold yourself to a certain standard and morals, finding someone with what you have for yourself is very hard. - Corpse-Crow


I don’t imagine there are a lot of people in this same situation, but I didn’t really start dating until I was in my 30s and the hardest part for me was the fact that all of the guys I’ve dated have already had long term relationships and are now mostly just looking for flings. I felt like I missed out on the good part and was left with scraps. - stephers85


It's not all fun and games anymore. People feel late or behind. First dates often : are we compatible, do you want kids, are you OK with my kids, are you ready for a serious relationship, do you make enough money, do you own a home, politics?

Religion. I don't have time to mess with you of we arent a match because I'm in my 30s and supposed to be married and having kids. The days of just light fun dating are less common - ZLVe96


Many people want 'high value' partners while having no value. - Zetterburger40


I always feel it's really difficult to find someone to fit in your life and vice versa. You're pretty established, generally speaking, by this point so instead of growing together with someone you're trying to find someone whose growth matches yours. - 1PunkAssBookJockey


Just meeting anyone who’s single. All the good people are taken; online has the leftovers, bots, and scammers. And the occasional gem who gets snapped up instantly. - BobBelcher2021


For me it was finding someone who didn't have kids, and didn't want them. At that point in my life, I was (and still am) 100% sure I don't want kids. Finding a long term partner who wants the same was pretty tough. - Toiletpaperplane

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