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20 single people share unspoken rules they wish more people followed on first dates.

20 single people share unspoken rules they wish more people followed on first dates.


The journey to finding a first date fling, casual 'situationship,' or a soulmate can be a harrowing process of swiping, awkward small talk, and not knowing how to split the bill...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's an unspoken rule on a first date?' single people everywhere were ready to reveal the unwritten laws of dating that more people need to follow. You might not always need to wait 3 hours to respond to a text message in order to seem cool, but you should always at least fake a wallet reach when the check comes.


Be there with honest intentions and nothing else. - S-Vagus


Don't go to the movies or a fancy dinner on your first date if you don't already know this person.

The movies is a place where you sit in silence for 2 hours staring straight ahead. That does not give you any opportunity to get to know the other person.

A sit down dinner can be perfectly fine, but if you know within the first 10 minutes that you have no desire to spend any more time in this person's presence, you're stuck through the rest of the meal.

First dates should always be intentionally short with an option to extend. Coffee, froyo, drinks, things that can turn into an hour of talking or 'would you like to grab a bite to eat?' - baltinerdist


Don't talk about ex's or relationships, or add pressure to the date, make it all about having a good time for the both of you. Do something fun that will get you talking naturally, this is not a job interview. - Arcuran


Be respectful. Let them talk and pay attention to what they say. It feels good for everyone to feel acknowledged and listened to. - Tofflus1


Don't trash talk your exes...don't talk about them too well...don't talk about them and if she insists say neutral things like we grew apart,it didn't work out.. - Technician-Efficient


Whoever asked the other out should be willing to pay in full, but splitting the bill should still be offered from the one who was asked out - lala_lovegood


Brush your teeth and dress like you care. - SuvenPan


Usually when asked a question I’d answer it and then hit her with a “what about you?” To ensure that I wasn’t dominating the convo. Let the other person speak - bumboclawt


Just please don’t be late. - whatda_duck


If you don't know the person very well, then for the first date, go for coffee or ice cream. Do not go out for something that takes long because if you realize within the first five minutes you don't like them, it will be hard for you to escape. If you like them, you can then suggest doing something longer. - SuvenPan


Whoever initiated the date, has to be able to pay for the whole date. The invitee, however, has to suggest splitting the bill.

Or at least be clear about the situation prior to agreeing if money is tight (or if the date is going to be expensive which it actually shouldn't). Otherwise it's just bad communication, false assumptions and issues way ahead. - undecimbre


Don't talk at your date the whole time, that kills so many people's interest. Err on the side of letting them talk about themselves more but you absolutely have to add to the conversation and make it lively. - Calinks


Don't be sh*tty to waiters/service staff - vintagesassypenguin


Have a shower beforehand. - Porriz


Don't excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and then accidently think about your ex while in there, have to fight back tears, and then come back to the table after way too long, with puffy red eyes. Woops - Due_Cap_9823


Don’t drink too much. - drivethruhell


Not a rule but. Never make the other person carry the conversation. You're both here to make an effort and give each other the respect. If you both want different things then let it be said after. No need to hurt someone's self respect for your ego. - Arkjump


Don't be on your phone the whole time. - HoW-LoNg-DoCtOR-YES


No talking about exes - Roidman69er


Both should know it is a date. - mosquitohater2023

Sources: Reddit
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