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21 people share their favorite thing about being single.

21 people share their favorite thing about being single.


People put so much time and energy into finding a partner and keeping a partner that they totally miss out on the joys of being single. Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want is vastly underrated. The single life in one word- fabulous.

Someone on Reddit asked, 'What’s a benefit of being single?' The replies flooded in with people expressing all their favorite aspects of being alone.

1. Alternative-Rain-718

Sex with different people. Variety is the spice of life.

2. dalybloodXP

Self-care, I take better care of myself mentally and physically. I get to dress myself up without being judged and I can focus on what I want in a partner. I’ve gotten very picky because I don’t want anyone to mess up my energy. I can do whatever I want and nobody's opinion can affect me.


You can cook bacon at 2 am and nobody is bothered.

A few weeks after I got dumped out of a long-term relationship, I remember lying in bed one night and thinking, 'I'm hungry, but it's too late to make anything.' Then, a few minutes later, I was in my kitchen cooking bacon. Was probably the first moment of happiness I felt post-shock of the breakup.


The toilet seat thing

I’m widowed. I live by myself now. My toilet seat is always down. My brother lives in an all-male household. They always leave the toilet seat up. My brother came over to visit. And at the end of the day when I went to the bathroom, I sat down and fell into the toilet lol

So definitely a benefit of being single is leaving the toilet seat how you expect it to be when you sit on it

5. Both-Ad-3763

You can take a complete cake home and eat all of it

6. clayur

You only have to worry about yourself.

7. satanwon

It's my day off. I have a bunch of projects to do around the house, but I'm laying on the couch reading reddit. No one cares.

8. foxmachine

Christmas is chill af. None of that 'Ok so we spend the eve at your parents' place, then Christmas day is split between my mom's and my dad's / his new girlfriend's place, and then we visit your brother's family to say hi to the newborn, plus uncle Jeremy invited us to his place since we are there anyway....'


Everything is exactly where I left it.

10. Lyrick_

You have the opportunity to focus on your own needs and/or make giant strides in your career progression without having to factor in and address the needs of your companion.

11. Neurofiend

Only cleaning up after yourself. My ex was worse than our 2 kids combined

12. ferox965

Not answering to anyone else. I've been single for a long time after my marriage ended. The temptation to just pick up with someone new was strong for the first few years, but once I got used to just being by myself, I came to really enjoy it. I'm free to do what I want when I want. While I'm open to it, it will take someone very special to change my situation now.

13. Bofidietz

Sole ownership of decor choices.

14. ElliottTheMicroWeed

You won't have to worry about gifts for your SO during Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's, Christmas, etc.

15. Kattenluik

Nobody can cheat on you

16. KED90

You have a lot less obligations. Half the holiday parties. You want to move to a new state? Country? You can. You want to just leave your house for three days? You can. You don’t have to be accountable to anybody.

17. SugaSeansAnkle

TIME, Jesus Christ, enjoy your free time single folks

18. Butgut_Maximus

My place is messy. But it's my mess and I tidy up when I want. I'm the sole responsible. So I'm not frustrated how someone else leaves things messy or someone else is frustrated how messy I leave things.

After living with a slob who never had any interest in doing chores, let me tell you.. this is heaven.

19. theOnlyDaive


20. Most_Victory1661

Not sleeping with a rolling around all night snoring farts in her sleep girl who sets an alarm that only wakes me up. My bathroom doesn’t look like the left-over prop department from Mr. wizard. No having conversations about her getting a tattoo that she’s never going to get. Not having an argument at IKEA over how I feel about a couch.

Not having to stop what I’m doing to feed her. Cuz as a grown person she was incapable of eating on her own or making decisions regarding food dinner or groceries. Not having a live podcast that went for hours about her day

21. Robbjack-daniels

Just being alone. Independent. Taking up that whole bed, waking up in an empty house. Doing laundry for one person. Feeding yourself. Never having to apologize for something that wasn’t wrong.

22. Future-Pudding

Not having to compromise when making big decisions. If I want to get another dog, I’m getting another dog

23. HexDynamo

All the bed, all the blankets, all the time.

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