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Woman asks if she's wrong for not apologizing to boyfriend's family for serving pizza.

Woman asks if she's wrong for not apologizing to boyfriend's family for serving pizza.


In a post on Reddit a women had to scramble to feed her boyfriend's family. She improvised and it turned into a disaster. She was accused of being the ahole and being racist, so she shared her story with Reddit and asked for advice. Here's what she had to say.

Hi. so this happened last night. I'm still hella confused by this whole thing. So, I f28 have been dating my boyfriend m31 for 7 months. His family are of talian origins and they take a lot of pride in it.

They invited me over to their house several times. Last night, his parents came over to the apt for the first time. They said they were visiting a friend and decided to stop by for dinner. I freaked out when they said dinner because it was late, and I was working and had no time to cook. So I ordered pizza for all of us.

The second his parents saw the pizza they got pissed. His dad gave me a nasty stare then said that I 'intentionally' served them pizza just because they were 'italians' in other words he claimed I was mocking them and their food and assuming that just cause they're italian then they'd only eat italian food which he called 'racist'.

I was confused I said I didn't think it was interpreted that way but he said 'If you have asian guests over do you serve them susi? how would you like if we only serve you macdonalds and fries every time you visit since that's what americans eat?'

I was stunned by his words. basically, he was saying that just because they're italian then I shouldn't assume they'd like to have pizza but...who doesn't like pizza? He and my boyfriend's mom got up and said they wanted to leave. My boyfriend tried to get them to stay and take it easy but they left eventually.

He blew up saying I messed by serving them pizza and 'insulting them indirectly' he told me to call and apologize but I said no and that I didn't have time to cook anything after they showed up unexpectedly. He got more upset and asked if his parents needed permission to visit him I backed off thinking he'd call down. But he kept saying I insulted his parents and I need to apologize.

I'm utterly and genuinly confused. AITA,?

If pizza is ever delivered, this is the only appropriate response:

If you're accused of being insensitive for ordering pizza, here are the appropriate responses (unless the guests are lactose intolerant, then you are the AH):


Pro tip:

Him: My parents/friends/colleagues have just dropped by for dinner!

You: Cool, what are you cooking?

Beginning and end of it.



Ordering out for pizza is as 'American' as it gets. They were just looking for an excuse to be insulted.

Anyway, why was it your responsibility to order dinner? Your boyfriend was there, and they're his parents; he should have been responsible for providing dinner.


Literal marinara flags!

NTA. I'm Italian and a Chicagoan to boot, so I have FEELINGS about pizza. The only way someone ordering me a pizza could be insulting would be if they put pineapple on it.

(I kid, I'll eat pretty much anything)

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