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People tell man he's being used by girlfriend; 'putting his daughter in danger.'

People tell man he's being used by girlfriend; 'putting his daughter in danger.'


"AITA for cancelling dinner because my girlfriend didn't feed my daughter lunch?"

I m33 have been with my girlfriend f30 for over a year. She quit her job as soon as she moved in with me saying that technically, she's a sahm since she takes care of my 5 year old daughter. I thought her decision was odd for many reasons including the fact that my daughter is only comfortable with me taking care of her needs.

Yesterday, I was at work. Since my girlfriend is still getting used to my daughter's routine, I decided to help by making her a schedule and even setting alarms for certain activities like showering.

At 1pm, my daughter was supposed to eat her lunch. it was on the schedule but I still texted my girlfriend to remind her. All she had to do was reheat the food I cooked the night before since I'm the one who's doing the cooking.

I got home at 5 and found my daughter in her room with some chips. I asked why she was having chips at the time and she said it was because my girlfriend didn't give her lunch. I asked why and she said she had friends over.

I was livid I rushed to confront her and she tried to downplay it saying she forgot, and chatting with her friends made her forget. I said it was bull%$*t since she had the schedule. She said I was judging her for still getting used to my daughter's routine and forgetting stuff. but I literally texted to remind her..

She claimed she didn't see the text but her phone never leaves her phone. I've decided that I won't be cooking for her or her family who were supposed to come over later last night for dinner. She freaked out saying I couldn't do that and put her in this situation after I agreed to cook for the night. I said it was done and declined to keep arguing it.

She started screaming that I was being too harsh on her not giving her time to adjust properly. She ended up cancelling dinner with her family but is pretty much pissed at me for backing out last minute.

People were not impressed, and had real concern for his daughter.


YTA for letting this person alone with your child.


Since it was so easy for her to 'forget' to make lunch, I can see her forgetting to get your daughter out of a hot car. ' Oh I just ran into Starbucks to get a coffee & I ran into one of my friends & I just lost track of time.....'


Dude... The moment she unilaterally quit her job to be a 'SAHM' for your child that you care for was a sign to get out ASAP. You don't have a girlfriend you have a dependent, make sure to file your taxes accordingly. Definitely NTA. She's scamming you and using your child as a pawn, run bud.


Y T A if you leave your daughter in your gf’s “care” again.
Y T A if you if you stay with this manipulative free loader.

As of now ESH but you will be TA if you leave your daughter with her again, it’s neglect on your part too.


NTA. Warning: Strong opinion ahead. Your gf is using you. Harsh truth. Glad you see the real her now. Neglecting to feed a 5yo and leaving her alone in her room with some chips is the tip of the iceberg as to the neglect or worse that could occur. I strongly recommend you reevaluate the relationship.

You may come to realise that she moved in rather quickly with the notion to stop working and expect you to work and still carry most of the household load. You and your daughter deserve better. You'd be better off hiring a nanny.

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