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Man won't sit next to GF on plane; she cries; he says, 'I just wanted a break.' AITA?

Man won't sit next to GF on plane; she cries; he says, 'I just wanted a break.' AITA?


Oftentimes, the internet will moan about the entitled people who demand that other passengers move around to accommodate their loved ones. But in this case, a woman found a person willing to switch seats with her boyfriend without a hitch. The problem? Her boyfriend refused. He took to Reddit:

"AITA for not switching seats with some lady on the plane to sit with my girlfriend?"

My (M21) girlfriend (F21) and I just got done with finals so we decided to take a trip to Ohio for a few days. We live on the west coast so it’s like a 4 hour flight. We got done with our trip and were coming back home by plane. When we woke up she was immediately angry because I accidentally pushed her off the bed lol.

Then she started finding things to complain about. I suggested we get the free breakfast with our hotel instead of going to some coffee shop and when we went she kept complaining about how the coffee is weak and she needs another one.

So I complied and we went to a coffee shop. We get to the airport and she’s complaining more. I tell her I’m tired and let me rest, don’t talk to me until we get home — and she gets all mad and complains.

We have different seats on the plane because the flight is packed and overbooked. I tell her it’s fine, it’s just 4 hours. She then comes to my seat and tells me the woman sitting next to her is willing to trade seats with me. I literally said “give me a break” and told her no.

She went back crying but I just wanted a damn break. When we got home she started crying even more and said I embarrassed her on the flight. Aita?

The comments section had plenty of thoughts. And no, they didn't let the 'vacation in Ohio' slide.

Solaris_0706 writes:

INFO: do you like your girlfriend at all?

hdudhejdj OP responded:

I was just really tired and couldn’t handle the complaining. I just got done with finals

Ok_Conflict_2525 writes:

YTA. She started her day by being pushed out of bed (which, unless she’s 30lbs, takes some real force), then you were rude to her the rest of the day and complained that she was in a bad mood? Just break up.

Mortage_gurl writes:

INFO Can I ask sincerely, what do you like about your GF? What does she like about you? Why are you a couple?

plfntoo writes:

'she started finding things to complain about.' Doesn't sound like a relationship worth saving if this is how you think about her. YTA.

And cherrygumdropss says:

NTA for not wanting to switch seats. YTA for how you seem to treat your girlfriend though.

In Ohio's defense, they do have the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. That's something!

Sources: Reddit
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