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Bride HUMILIATES cousin at her wedding, kicks him out of the venue. AITA?

Bride HUMILIATES cousin at her wedding, kicks him out of the venue. AITA?


When this bride makes a huge scene at her wedding, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for humiliating my cousin in front of our family and kicking him out of the venue?"

I got married on Saturday. My husband and me, we planned the wedding together over a span of 1 and a half years.

We wanted something special and had a lot of friends from overseas (England, Scotland, SA, Colombia, Argentina etc etc). We invited 83 people. Of those 32 were family and the rest friends.

My cousin brought his girl of 3 years. I do not know this woman very well. So I have neither anything against her nor do I like her. I am (was) indifferent.

The ceremony went by as planned. We cried. My parents cried. His parents cried. We had a little "champagne" reception before driving to the wedding venue.

Anyway. Times goes by. We eat, do the toast. Photographer comes go me to inform me, he saw cousins practicing a proposal. Me, not wanting to escalate shit, send my maid of honor to tell him that he shouldn't propose at my wedding.

She goes, tells him, and he seems to get it. Until it was time to toss the bouquet. She didn't even catch the damn thing. My Grammy did. But when I turned around, my cousin was walking towards his gf with another bouquet, tells her she is next, and goes on one knee to propose.

My family was cheering, and everyone else looked deeply uncomfortable. His gf cries and jumps, and my cousin turns around to (and I kid you not) tell the DJ to play "their song"

Before anything else could happen, I snatched the microphone and began giving a speech. I don't remember it fully. As I felt rage taking over. So here is the gist of it.

But I said something like "Congratulations, Mike and random girl I have never seen. May your marriage be as selfish as what you have just done. I see you guys don't care about the happiness of anyone but yourself.

Even after asking you not to do this, you decided what you wanted was more important. Random girl, I hope you didn't have any sort of boundaries that misaligned Mike's. Because he is gonna bulldoze yours like he did with me. Mike is gonna do what Mike is gonna do. F you Mike. Leave"

I was crying by that point I was sobbing. I informed venue security to escorte Mike and random girl out.

When I came back, my aunt and other cousin were gone. I managed to enjoy the rest and after that we went on a little spa weekend.

When we came back today I saw that our friends absolutely blasted Mike. But I also got a lot of messages saying, that I went to far humiliating him in front of strangers(by my family). I feel like I am swallowing crazy pills. Aita ?

Let's see what readers thought.

strainpure writes:

NTA. There's rules for weddings that are absolute. You don't wear white without the brides permission. You don't upstage the bride & groom. And you absolutely do not steal their big day by making it about you with either proposals or pregnancy announcements. Your cousin is an asshole of the lowest kind for ignoring your warnings and doing this.

lordblackstar writes:

NTA. At the best of times this seems like something your cousin should have talked to you about and gotten permission for well ahead of time. It's pretty messed up either way to propose at someone else's wedding and he deserved every second of the humiliation he earned himself by not respecting your wishes.

indigorose2022 writes:

Nope, NTA. And honestly after reading so many posts abt ppl pulling the “propose at someone else’s wedding against their approval” crap, this one was pretty awesome to read. You stood up for yourself, and you should be proud.

Your cousin obv knew exactly what he was doing but he gambled that you’d be too scared of “making a scene” to call him out. Well, he lost. Good for u!

Looks like OP is NTA here. What would YOU have done in this situation?

Sources: Reddit
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