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Bride says, 'My wedding is so intense.' Cousin says, 'Relax, it's DADDY'S money.'

Bride says, 'My wedding is so intense.' Cousin says, 'Relax, it's DADDY'S money.'


When this bride to be feels like her stepcousin is ruining her upcoming wedding, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for calling my step cousin a jealous b&%ch after she made snarky comments about my wedding?'

(FYI I'm 26 and Ella's 28. She's my aunt's boyfriend's daughter but step cousin is easier to say)

I'm getting married next year to the love of my life, and we're having a bit of an extravagant wedding (also, not saying if you don't have a big wedding it's not as special or anything like that, this is just what we're doing.)

Recently there was a family potluck and Ella also came. A few of us including her were chatting, and I was talking about my wedding prep. (People were asking questions.)

I said something about how it's more difficult than it looks to organize a wedding like this and not everyone can handle it, but we're really excited for the big day and to celebrate with everyone.

Ella got really snarky and said something like 'Okay we get it, you're using daddy's money for a royal wedding and think not everyone can do that, could we move on to something else or are you not done dragging'

We got into a bit of an argument and I said we were all just chatting and and green isn't a good color on her. She laughed and said no one's jealous of me, I replied clearly she is because she's acting like a jealous b&%h.

Ella got pissed and some people agree, but others are telling me I went too far. My fiance's also saying I shouldn't have said that. So reddit, AITA?

Let's see what readers thought about this.

sunshinekittern7 writes:

ESH. She was confrontational, but also what a silly thing to say. Not everyone can handle a fancy wedding? C’mon.

throwawayjudge writes:

Esh. Your comment absolutely throws shade, and Ella's took it personally whether you meant it that way and reacted as such. Seriously though, not everyone can handle planning the wedding they want? You have some ego. I guarantee any bride who wants a big wedding will get it done.

lightseeker0 writes:

I'm going with ESH. Based on your, ....'wedding like this and not everyone can handle it', it's possible that in conversations, you're coming off a bit....Much. And it's possibly why your 'step cousin' spoke up.

Without knowing you both or the situation, I of course, can't say for sure, but it does sound like these types of comments might be common in your conversations and she was simply just calling it like she saw it.

Was her way of 'calling it like she saw it' the best way? Maybe not. She could have just walked away or approached you about things later or...Whatever. But it really sounds like she was just calling you out on your behavior and you called her jealous.

pteridactal writes:

ESH as someone planning her own wedding and active on the weddingplanning subs, your comment that “not everyone can handle planning a wedding like yours…” was so obnoxious. It’s not rocket science.

And tbh, the bigger the wedding and budget, often the easier it is to throw it because you can afford to hire florists, planners and other staff. I’m more impressed by the women DIY’ing their flowers and schlepping a cake in the back of their car! Lol. Impressive multitasking and organization skills!

It also wears thin when someone is flashing someone else’s money (such as your dad’s). (Might be projecting about acquaintances who flash their husband’s money while they’ve never worked a day in their lives, though). :)

I mean she shouldn’t have said anything. She should’ve just excused herself from the conversation, or internally rolled her eyes, or whatever. It was wrong of her to start the drama like that. So esh.

So, is this definitely an ESH situation? Any advice for OP?

Sources: Reddit
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