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Bride-to-be expects rich stepsister to contribute to wedding. AITA?

Bride-to-be expects rich stepsister to contribute to wedding. AITA?


When this woman is angry with her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for expecting my very rich sister to pitch in on my wedding after she said she would?'

Hi all, My (F35) mother married my stepdad when I was 17. He had a daughter from a previous marriage, Ellie (F29). We were never close because when they moved in with us Ellie was super super clingy, would always follow me around and basically stalk me in my own home. Your typical know-it-all, barely left the house, so basically had zero friends that werent online.

So Ellie managed graduate early and get into a really good college on scholarships, then got a masters there as well. Shes in engineering and her college is like apparently one of the best ones for engineering. So straight after graduating she was earning a crazy amount.

Shes been rubbing this in my face ever since she got the acceptance letter, when she was home she was always wearing the university hoodie, always talking about what shes doing at college, sending videos of robots and shit into the family groupchat.

Now that shes earning so much its her paying off our parents car loans for christmas or getting extravagant gifts for everyone. We had a few fights about it but we always made up.

So now onto this year, I got engaged last year in february to my fiance (M32). I asked my sister if she would pitch in and she said she would help out. Knowing she had the money I got to plan my dream wedding, I was so excited about planning our big day.

That was all until I showed her the plans and she pulled the rug from beneath my feet. She asks me how Im paying for it (my husband and I didnt do college so are not high earners) and I reminded her that she said she would help.

Shes now saying that she wont help pay for it and she will at the absolute most pay for my dress. I told her its unfair of her to lie to me and only tell me after planning everything that she isnt actually going to help.

She blew up at me over us not being close in the past and blaming me for it. It takes two people to bond. But she claims everythings my fault. We argued for a bit and now shes not even paying for my dress.

All the wedding planning Ive done has been for nothing now. My parents are split, with my mom saying Ellie needs to honour her word and let me have the wedding I planned and we all pitch in what we can afford.

My step-dad is angry I asked her in the first place and dug up some old arguments from when I was 17. Aita for expecting her to do what she said?

Let's see what readers thought about this debacle!

sharethewine writes:

YTA. Someone saying they’ll help with a wedding in no way indicates they’ll just pay for the whole thing. Just because she has money doesn’t mean you are entitled to it.

And when dealing with wedding budgets you should always find out what people are actually willing to spend and not count on the money until it is in your hand. You and your mother are delusional thinking Ellie ever agreed to, or should have to, pay for your wedding.

tashmyman writes:

YTA. How entitled can one person be? The fact that you are using the personal “history” between you makes it even worse. You didn’t and don’t seem to like your ‘sister’ yet expect her to fund your fairytale wedding?! You’ll keep her around as long as you can benefit from the relationship, what does she get?!

Nah, sis. She finally grew a backbone and has her own life that she created and earned. What makes you worthy of the rewards due to HER success?!

pettypenelope writes:

YTA. You spend all this time being petty and resentful about her success and generosity, then ask for cash the second it's good for you personally.

You didn't bother to ask what amount she was willing to give towards it before making plans so when you have clearly made an assumption and done lavish plans on her dime, it's the kind way to put you in check to ask how you'd pay for it. Buying the dress when she didn't need to is a big offer.

She's 'rich' because she busted her tail in school and EARNED making more income. You decided to do something else then chose to marry someone in a equally low income. You aren't her child and need to live in your own means or at best ask your parents.

Looks like OP is TA! MAJORLY. Any advice for this bride to be?

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