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Bride uninvites stepsis from wedding after being accused of 'stealing her thunder.' AITA?

Bride uninvites stepsis from wedding after being accused of 'stealing her thunder.' AITA?


When this bride to be is furious with her "selfish" stepsister, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for not inviting my stepsister to my wedding after she accused me of trying to "steal her thunder"?"

I (30F) got engaged to my longtime partner, Matt (32M), and we were thrilled to start planning our wedding. We decided to have a small, intimate ceremony with close friends and family.

Among the potential guests was my stepsister, Emily (28F). We don't have a great relationship, but I didn't want to create unnecessary drama, so I intended to invite her and her husband.

The issue began when I shared our wedding date with the family. Emily immediately reacted negatively, saying our wedding was too close to her planned baby shower, which was scheduled for the following month. She accused me of "stealing her thunder" by having my wedding so close to her event.

I was shocked by her response because we had never discussed her baby shower date, and I couldn't have known about it when we chose our wedding date. I tried to explain this, but Emily insisted that I should have somehow known and adjusted our plans to accommodate her.

The tension escalated when Emily called a family meeting to discuss my "selfishness" in planning my wedding near her baby shower.

During the meeting, she accused me of being inconsiderate and trying to overshadow her life events. The rest of our family members seemed torn, with some taking her side and others understanding my perspective.

In the end, I felt like I was being treated unfairly and that Emily was making unreasonable demands. So, I made the difficult decision to not invite her to our wedding, fearing that her presence would only add stress and tension to our special day.

Now, our family is divided, and some family members are angry at me for not inviting Emily. She continues to claim that I'm the one who's being selfish and unreasonable. So, Reddit, AITA for not inviting my stepsister to my wedding after she accused me of trying to "steal her thunder"?

Let's see what readers thought.

fallingintopolkadots writes:

NTA. Stealing her thunder how? She's having a baby shower with her friends and family -- how much overlap (of guests) could there be? And a wedding and celebrating the pregnancy and upcoming birth are two totally different events.

Hopefully she'll calm down and apologize, and maybe possibly get herself invited again. But if she's going to harp on and on about this mythical thunder stealing, by all means she can stay uninvited and pretend it never even happened. Sheesh.

leathernote76 writes:

NTA. She's being melodramatic. I'd simply state to those who are angry about you not inviting her due to her actions, that planning a wedding and the wedding day itself is stressful and emotional enough as it is and you don't want any undue drama or stress added.

That you tried talking to her about the situation and she refused to listen. If they don't want to attend your wedding, that's on them, not you. End of story.

Don't take this drama onto your shoulders. Brush it off. Live your life with your man. It's better to shake off people that want to cause division right from the go than to keep them hanging around causing you stress and anxiety.

justtired8 writes:

NTA, and WTF? a wedding and a baby shower are on opposite ends of the spectrum. How? Just how is your wedding "stealing her thunder"? She's behaving irrationally, It sucks, and likely you will be dealing with the backlash from egomaniac Emily for years to come, good luck.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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