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Bridesmaids gets back at 'sadistic' bride by surprising her with 'different' dresses. AITA?

Bridesmaids gets back at 'sadistic' bride by surprising her with 'different' dresses. AITA?


When this bridesmaid gets revenge on a bride, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for wearing a different colored bridesmaid dress after the bride tried to purposely make us look unflattering?"

Hi, for privacy reasons this post will be a throwaway, and all names are fake. Recently, I (28F) was a bridesmaid in my friend Tara (28F) and Tony's (30M) wedding, along with bridesmaids Amy (27F), Jane (29F) and her sister Lily (32F).

Tara was one of those brides where everything had to be perfect, so early on, Tara placed her priority on the logistics. Because of this, Tara had left the details about the bridesmaid dresses for last.

Tara had organized a lunch for us in April to talk over the details of the dresses. She handed out swatches and said that the dresses must be in that color and floor length. I asked Tara if she was being serious to which Tara asked what the problem was. Simply put, the color was ugly and unflattering.

Jane also spoke up and said that this color is going to make everyone in the party look bad. Amy also agreed. Tara rolled her eyes at us and said that she was sure and she expected us as bridesmaids to go along with what she wanted.

Lily decided to chime and say that she thought the color was fine. I think that she said this to prevent her younger sister from going full bridezilla.

For months, Amy, Jane and I BEGGED Tara to consider a different color, but she wouldn't budge. We asked Lily to ask her sister to reconsider, but she said that she was the bride, and that we should "respect her choices."

Yeah, no shit she was the bride, but that doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice the way we look, and look unattractive. Amy pointed out that Tara was probably making us look bad on purpose, so that she could look better, and that made me furious.

And here's where I may be in the wrong. Amy, Jane and I decided that enough was enough and that Tara was being really unreasonable about this whole thing, and so was Lily.

So we decided to lie to Tara and say that we were going to order dresses in the color she wanted and sent her screenshots of dresses in that color. Meanwhile, the three of us created a separate group chat and decided to order dresses that would actually make us look good.

We agreed on baby blue and bought the dresses online. Tara didn't ask any more questions about the dresses and essentially just took our word that everything was okay.

Flash forward to wedding day. The moment we put on our dresses, Tara lost her shit. She started yelling at us and crying, and Lily had to escort her out of the room.

Apparently she must have gotten ready elsewhere, because we didn't see her up until we were called to go to the venue for the ceremony. The wedding was great, but Tara was upset.

Since the wedding, none of us have heard from Tara. However, Lily and Tony have been texting me, calling us horrible people and claiming we ruined the wedding. Tony even said that Tara almost cancelled the whole thing, and he had to force her to go through with it.

Maybe Tara was upset that we didn't get the color that she asked for, but I don't think it was right for her to make us look unattractive. AITA?

Let's see what some of the top responses were:

YTA, you all are. "The wedding was great" said the bridesmaid who pulled a swiftie on the bride on the day and turned up in a completely different dress. Just awful behaviour. I would have told all three of you to put your own clothes back on and get the hell out.

Maybe you would have looked ugly in the original dress, but from your behaviour I'd say you're ugly on the inside anyway.

betweeenyaba writes:

YTA. That's some slimy underhanded shit. An ultimatum would have been better. Not showing up would have been better.

You deliberately misled and lied to your supposed friend on a really, really important day. So you don't look great for one day? How shallow and insecure are you that you're willing to ruin someone else's wedding just so you can pose and posture? Eugh.

Yeah, bridezillas exist, and her color choice might have been questionable, but compared to what you did, she's a f-g ngel.

fallpolkadots writes:

YTA. Damn. You are all TERRIBLE “friends”. Your friend’s wedding wasn’t about you, or you all looking your most glam best.

You were supposed to be there to support and stand by your friend, helping her out and celebrating her on her most stressful and best, happiest day of her life. Instead, you made it about you and deceived your friend with some seriously underhanded bullshit.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have the emotional intelligence and maturity of mean middle school girls. Congratulations on showing your true colors so obviously.

petticoatlame0 writes:

YTA with friends like you who needs enemies. How dare you impose your choices on her wedding. Maybe "baby blue" is ugly to her or just not her at all, I know if people showed up to my wedding and saw my bridesmaids in baby blue, they would think they were in the wrong location.

You all are selfish, vain and terrible friends. How dare you do that to her on her wedding day? No decent person would think you had a shred of decency. Her memories of her wedding are ruined, her photos ruined, and she will never get that back. Disgusting behaviour.

Oh, and you have tacky taste. Shame.

Looks like these bridesmaids are AHs. Any advice for them?

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