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Bridesmaid wants to bail on bachelorette because of the airbnb setup. AITA?

Bridesmaid wants to bail on bachelorette because of the airbnb setup. AITA?


When this bridesmaid is fed up with her bride, she asks Reddit:

"WIBTA If I didn’t spend the night at the bride’s airbnb the night before her wedding for the Bachelorette party?"

I’m a bridesmaid at my good friend’s wedding and I flew from out of town to be here for all the wedding festivities. The bachelorette party is after the rehearsal dinner and is the night before the wedding.

I already paid around $120 for the bachelorette, which includes the airbnb and food. I technically paid for two nights at the airbnb even though I was only ever planning on spending one night there.

Anyways, there’s about 3 beds and like 9 of us, so there isn’t really adequate space for everyone anyways.

I live decently close so was thinking about going to my parents house after the party and going back to the bnb in the morning. I haven’t seen my husband in a few weeks and he just flew in, so I also just want to spend time with him and my family.

I don’t want to be a bad friend or bridesmaid, but I thought maybe it would be for the greater good due to the lack of beds there and I have trouble sleeping at night.

The bride has a lot on her plate right now and I don’t want to overwhelm her with more questions, especially since I don’t think she’d care too much about this. WIBTA if I just spent the night at home, or does that seem selfish?

I just want to hear the general opinion, and what you’d think if you were the bride in this situation. I was just going to read the room/vibes once I got there to ultimately decide. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

captainmal8 writes:

YWBTA if you show up and then leave for the night, without talking this over ahead of time with the bride.

silverorder66 writes:

I would talk to the bride tbh. At least give her the heads up. Are you close with the other bridesmaids? I would feel odd sharing a bed with someone I don't really know. You already paid your regardless so I see no issue and you still planning on participating in festivities.

187ffri writes:

NTA in my opinion, but I would ask the bride if I were you.

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think is best?

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