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Dad asks if he was wrong to call GF 'selfish' for not picking his kids up from school.

Dad asks if he was wrong to call GF 'selfish' for not picking his kids up from school.


'AITA for calling my girlfriend selfish for not picking my kids up from school?'

I M36, have been with my girlfriend F32, for 2 years. I have 2 boys m13 & m9 from my previous relationship. Their mom is not in the picture.

I work full time and my girlfriend used to stay home and take care of everything else (I still help out here and there) yet she would complain about the kids causing constant messes, not receiving proper disciplined, accidents like breaking a vase and the list goes on.

She complained that she is more of a parent than I am, which is not true since I provide an income. Yet she decided she wanted to go back to work and started looking.

She found a potential job and her interview was yesterday. I called her to remind her to pick the kids up from school since she's responsible for it, but she said she was about to start her interview and told me to go get them. I was stunned, I told her I couldn't because I was at work.

She said I could take a break, but I refused because this would've affected my job. I asked if she'd take 10 minutes to quickly go pick them up but she refused. We ended up getting into an argument with me telling her she should've figured something out beforehand. She blew up saying that I'm the parent and that she was tired of being at my beck and call all the time.

'The kids ended up being picked up by my friend 40 minutes later which made them upset.'

At home, I got into a huge argument with my girlfriend calling her selfish for doing this to the kids and ditching them like that. She said that she had an important interview and that I, as the parent could've figured something out instead of expecting her to drop what she was doing and pick the kids up.

'She called me an a**hole then went to stay with her mom.'

Here's what people had to say:

Bobinct writes:

'She complained that she is more of a parent than I am which's not true since I provide an income.' Just based off of this YTA.

IdrisandJasonsToy writes:

He’s already dumped & just doesn’t know it

Miss-Figgy writes:

OP is a major a&@hole and selfish pr*ck. This guy wants a baby mama for his kids, not a girlfriend. He had the nerve to blow up at her and call her 'selfish' because he can't take responsibility for and look out for his own children.

theamberroses writes:

100%, I think he purposefully didn't make arrangements so she'd 'be forced' to ditch the interview

An_Acetic_Alpaca writes:

Also, he refused to leave his work to do it because it might affect his job, but saw no issue with her ditching an important interview which would have absolutely cost her the job. He didn't want to lose his girlfriend nanny .

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