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People share the dumbest things they've been accused of. They'll never let it go.

People share the dumbest things they've been accused of. They'll never let it go.


Over on Reddit, a viral post asked a simple, fruitful question: 'What's the dumbest thing someone accused you of without any evidence?' The answers came through both relentless and bitter — these people may forgive, but they do not forget.

1.) From MissConduct0120:

A college roommate reported me to the campus police for selling drugs. She stated that she was in our dorm room and overheard me selling drugs to another student in the laundry room. Our dorm room was on the 12th floor, laundry room was in the basement of the building. She got pissed when campus police laughed at her statement.

2.) From Remote_Person5280:

I had a coworker accuse me of being gay. I was married, with 5 kids.

He was single, living with a male roommate.

3.) From TheC0zmo:

One day when I was in 5th grade a female collie followed me home from school. I walked around the neighborhood trying to find the owner, but nobody knew whose dog she was. I left my neighborhood and crossed a four lane. I carried her so she wouldn't get hit by a car (I didn't own a dog leash).

After knocking doors and asking around, I had to go home but she just kept following me. I picked her back up and carried her back across the four lane, put her down and we walked another block. Then the owner pulled up, stopped in the middle of the intersection, got out of his car, and called her.

She ran to him, and hopped up in the car. I told him I'd been trying to find her owners for hours. The old bastard said, 'Yeah, someone saw you carrying her,' implying that I stole her. Then he plopped his fat ass back in his Cadillac and sped away. No good deed . . .

4.) From Pear_Jam2:

An ex accused me of cheating on him with my best friend. My best friend is a gay woman. I am 99.99% sure I am straight. He knew this. When I asked him why he thought this, he couldn't give me a single reason. Other than one time I hung out with her and took a long time to respond to his messages.

Ironically, he was cheating on me with several different women.

5.) From Tough_Stretch:

One time I started getting a bunch of texts from an ex accusing me of being on a trip with some other girl and throwing all kinds of insults my way.

Not only was she my ex and I was not talking to her or planning to reconcile, so that if I was in fact on a trip with some other girl it was none of her business, but I was actually literally sitting on my couch with my dog watching TV.

I told her I hadn't the sligthest idea of what she was yelling about and sent her a picture of me and my dog in my living room. She replied, 'F*ck,' and I didn't hear from her for weeks until the crazy ultimately outweighted any embarrassment she felt.

To this day I have no idea why she thought I was on a trip in the first place, especially since her texts were pretty specific and she mentioned where she claimed I was and other details.

6.) From Yorkie_Mom_2:

I once had a co-worker write to my manager to complain I was racist because I wouldn’t pirate a copy of Norton Utilities and give it to her.

7.) From working_class_tired:

My ex wife accused me of having secret bank accounts. In our divorce she tried to claim her share of the money in these imaginary accounts. She even had a figure that she estimated was her share of the money. It was totally insane.

8.) From bobbejaan79:

I was accused of throwing a potato at a shed, totally not true.

9.) From LikeTwentyBurritos:

In high school school some kid threw an apple along the back wall towards where the teachers were sitting. Kind of chucked it along the ground so that it skipped all the way there. I was sat a couple seats down across the table from him. The tables were really long and with how the people were clustered together it was pretty obvious which cluster the apple came from.

One of the teachers stormed over and asked who threw the apple, and of course nobody said anything. He picked looked around and pointed at me and said, 'you threw it, I know it, come with me'.

I told him I didn't throw anything and I wasn't going anywhere. He said 'I knew it was you how could you prove it wasn't?' I said 'I'm sitting on the wrong side of the f*cking table.'

He told me to watch my mouth, but my jape caused the actual perpetrator to bust out laugh, which pulled the teather's ire off me.

10.) From Group_of_no_one:

In High School, half the school thought I was Gay, and the other half thought I was a vegetarian. I'm neither, and I have no idea how the two related.

11.) From investigatorpotater:

Breaking a guys car window, I was walking down the street with my friend and walked passed this van with a taped up window in the back. This guy came running out of his apartment and told us that we broke his window, idk what his intentions were but we just kept it moving and that was that.

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