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'Fed up' girlfriend leaves bf and friend on out of town trip; forces them to hitchhike.

'Fed up' girlfriend leaves bf and friend on out of town trip; forces them to hitchhike.


Traveling with friends can be a wonderfully bonding experience...or it could ruin a relationship.

u/allycat234 wasn't sure if she did the right thing after an incident with her boyfriend caused her to leave him and his friend an hour outside of town. So she asked Reddit:

AITA (am I the a-hole) for leaving my boyfriend and his friend an hour out of town?

So my boyfriend (M20) and I (F19) had decided to go swimming as a hangover recovery after a big night of drinks(18 is the legal drinking age in my country). My boyfriend's (lets call him Nate) friend (M20) was with us when we decided to go out so obviously we asked him if he would like to join and he said yes.

So Nate and I searched up the nearest swimming spot and found one that was an hour drive away. Just for reference I am the only person out of the 3 of us that has a license and car so I was the one driving.

Once we got to this beautuful river we went straight into the water and after about an hour of swimming, I got out but they wanted to keep swimming so I said that's fine and let them continue.

30 minutes later Nate came up to me and said that they wanted to explore upstream and I said I didn't mind but i told them to not take long because I was starting to get tired and hungry. I sat there for another hour and they still hadn't come back so I started looking around for them.

After 30 mins of looking for them, I eventually found them and they said that I could go get food and then when I came back we could go. It took me about an hour to go and get food and then come back. Once I got back, they were both missing.

I walked up and down that river trying to find them and couldn't. I waited another 40 minutes at the spot where we planned on meeting and they still hadn't come back. I couldnt text/call either of them because they had left all their belongings at the spot we swam at when we first arrived.

At this point I was really pissed off so I texted nates phone and said I was leaving and that they can find there own lift home. As soon as I got back into town, he started ringing me constantly and yelling at me saying that I embarrassed him infront of his friend and that now they are stranded and that I had to pick them up.

I refused and silenced my phone. 2 hours later he came back home and called me an a-hole for leaving him and his friend out there and that they had to hitch-hike back home. I do feel bad for leaving them now but they did make me wait 4 hours for them. So AITA (am I the a-hole)?

Was she being too rash?

Let's see what the Reddit jury had to say about it!

dheffe01 says:

NTA (not the a-hole), and for future reference when the driver says I want to go, that's the cue for everyone to get in the f***ing car.

RobinsRoads05 writes:

NTA! There are limits to everything. It seems like your BF spent the time with his friend, not you anyway, so you were basically just the driver for his and his friend's outing. Not being able to find them is weird. Where were they? Your BF is mad but he learned a valuable lesson.

Kaurblimey says:

NTA. You’re young and you should dump him.

grouchymonk1517 didn't let OP off the hook:

ESH (everyone sucks here)- yta (you're the a-hole) because you came back to your friend and boyfriend MISSING when they had been swimming in a river. You should have called the freaking police if you couldn't find them. They could have drowned. They're a-holes for not keeping in contact with you.

Looks like Reddit was (mostly) on her side although some pointed out that a 'missing person' should've been more concerning.

In the end, the boys were fine but was OP right to leave them in the first place? Reddit seems to think so!

Sources: Reddit
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