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Woman tells ex-fiancé he lost his chance to get ring back; says 'now it will cost you.'

Woman tells ex-fiancé he lost his chance to get ring back; says 'now it will cost you.'


Social etiquette fascinates everybody. Why else would Netflix buy the rights to Seinfeld for half a million dollars? Even though all those answering machine jokes stopped making sense fifteen years ago? We digress.

The point is, there are rules — written and unwritten — for almost any social interaction. In this one, we get to see the breaking and creating of several more. A woman wrote on Reddit:

'AITA for continuing to wear the engagement ring my ex-fiancé gave me and refusing to give it back?'

I still have the ring my ex proposed with and sometimes if I don’t want to be approached, I’ll wear it as it helps a lot. My ex has seen me wear it before and has never said anything about it.

I wore the ring at an engagement party that my ex, his girlfriend and his family also attended. His sister noticed the ring and she said my ex had told the family that the ring had been lost and that’s why he never got it back from me once we broke up.

She said this in front of his girlfriend who said it was creepy and inappropriate that I was wearing my old engagement ring. I told her it was pretty and walked away since I could see she was angry about it and I didn’t want to argue with her. Later on, my ex asked me if he could talk to me privately.

The conversation was pretty much him being angry at me for wearing the ring in front of his family because now they wanted him to get it back from me as the ring was made with family diamonds and me refusing to give it to him unless he bought it from me since he had the chance to take it back when we broke up 3 years ago. AITA?

With the enthusiasm of this comments section, you just know they would have made a great studio audience.

N822M writes:

YTA, and an incredibly entitled one at that. Give. Back. The. Ring. What is wrong with you??

anonyllamas writes:

YTA, a tacky one at that. Considering it’s made with family diamonds you should have given it back 3 years ago.

hackberrypie writes:

This is just weird. Usually I'm of the opinion that if he broke it off and/or did something majorly wrong like cheating or abuse to cause the breakup, you should get to keep it.

(I know laws differ depending on where you are.) I also think that if he's let you keep it for this long, it's hardly an engagement ring anymore and I don't know if the 'conditional gift' thing even applies.

But it's still strange to keep wearing it, especially around him and his gf. Why would you even want to do that? Why did he lie to his family instead of just asking for it back? ESH I guess.

kenzie-k369 writes:

YTA. Frankly his gf is correct- it is creepy and inappropriate of you to wear the ring, especially in front of his family. The ring should have been returned. Let go of the past. Return the ring and allow him to move on with his gf.

And violetrosesnyc adds a spicy little emoji:

I don’t think you’re over this engagement :-) this is very strange behavior YTA

Cue an 'oooooo' from the crowd.

Sources: Reddit
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