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Widowed man's friend confesses her love 4 weeks before her wedding. + New Update

Widowed man's friend confesses her love 4 weeks before her wedding. + New Update


"AIW - My friend told me she loves me 4 weeks before her wedding."


My (35M) friend B (35F) just told me she loves me 4 weeks before her marriage, and I am not sure what I am supposed to do here. I want to know if I am doing the right thing.

To give some context, I lost my wife 2 years ago. I have a 5-year-old daughter. I have not dated in the last 2 years because I have major trauma from losing my wife. I still love her a lot and don't think I am ready to move on. I invested all my time in my daughter (who looks exactly like her mother) and my work to keep my sanity for the last 2 years.

I have been friends with B since we were in elementary school. We lived in the same neighborhood growing up and were best friends. She is an awesome person, and we were inseparable growing up.

The weirdest part was we had completely different personalities. She was very outgoing and always had a lot of friends. I am a big introvert and B along with a few friends was all I needed. B was a serial-dater and I don't remember any time since middle school since she was single. B and I never dated though.

B and I also went to the same college. She never had a stable boyfriend, but just jumped from one relationship to another. I, on the other hand, did not date seriously until I was in my junior year. When I met my wife, she was a freshman and we hit it off instantly.

We fell for each other and spent all our time with each other. This strained my relationship with B as I would generally hang out with my wife instead of her. That was the time B and I slowly started drifting apart.

After college, I moved to a different town for my job, and B and I occasionally messaged each other, but nothing beyond that. B attended my wedding and that was the last time I saw her.

We kept in touch, but mostly by commenting on each other's pictures or keeping each other updated on significant life events. B did reach out to me when my wife passed away and we talked on a phone call.

Last year, B and her fiancé moved to my city. I was still grieving, and both have been amazing support for me and my daughter. My daughter loves dancing, and B helped me enroll her in dancing and gymnastics classes and sometimes takes her to them.

I also became good friends with her fiancé, who is indeed an incredibly good man. My daughter also loves Aunty B and B sometimes helps me babysit. Last week, B came to my house and asked if we could talk.

Her tone sounded serious. She told me that over the last few months, she feels like she has started to develop feelings for me and is not sure anymore if she wants to go ahead with the wedding. She felt I also had started developing feelings for her.

I told her that I am not ready for any relationship before I can deal with my mental health (for which I go to a therapist regularly). She tried to convince me that she loved me, we are soulmates, and she felt that we were meant to be together.

However, I do not have the same feelings for her. I love her as a friend, but nothing beyond that. We were both emotional, but she said she was glad we talked about this. She left after that.

B called me that night and told me not to talk about our conversation to anyone. I thought a lot about it and decided that I would not tell her fiancé about B and my conversation from last week. I feel it's their relationship, and I do not have the right to ruin their moment if B decides to go ahead with the wedding.

However, I feel guilty that her fiancé does not know anything about this and is going into a marriage where B might not be fully ready for it. Can you guys give suggestions on what I should do in this case? Am I wrong for not telling her fiancé about our conversation?

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It sounds like B wanted some kind of commitment from you - and then she would leave her fiance for you. It's not right to ask that of you. I'm glad you didn't go there. I would suggest that you get some distance from her and live your own life. She isn't treating you or her fiance well.


I would tread carefully. B has some commitment issues and she pops this on you as she is getting ready to make the biggest commitment of her life. She may have true feelings for you-she may just be scared and thinks she has feelings for you. Protect your heart.


One of the things I considered in his narrative was that B could have maternal feelings for his daughter and wants the complete package by marrying him. That whatever emotions/affections she is feeling could be tied to her "niece" as well. She doesn't just become a wife, but a mother too. That could be appealing to some. Especially if the bond with her "niece" is really strong.


She has commitment issues and is getting cold feet about the wedding and you are probably her exit strategy. I would not lose a good friend over this but would wait and see what occurs.

Don't involve yourself in speaking to her partner. She probably would not permanently commit to you either but she does sound like someone to have as a friend.


Stay away from her!


"Update - My friend told me she loves me 4 weeks before her marriage"


A month ago, I (35M) wrote a post regarding my friend Brie (35F) telling me that she loved me, only 4 weeks before her wedding. The last month has been crazy, and my whole world has turned upside down.

Again for context, I lost my wife 2 years ago and we have a 5-year old daughter. Brie and her fiancé Jason (~33M) moved to our town a year ago, and we have reconnected as friends and they have done a lot to cheer me up during this year, and bring my life to normalcy.

After Bree told me that she loved me, I told her that I was still not ready to move on as I still miss my wife. She said she understood, and I did not hear from her or Jason for a few days. The guilt was killing me, as I was not sure if I should tell Jason about what she told me. Thanks to everyone who commented on the post, it helped me think the situation through.

I finally called B after a few days and asked her to meet me for lunch. I talked to her and asked her if she was going ahead with her wedding. She broke down and told me she was not sure.

I told her that she should at least talk to Jason regarding her feelings and not be dishonest with him. I also assured her that I would not say anything to J, but I just wanted her to be happy. She said she understood and left.

That night I put my daughter to sleep and was watching TV. Around 9.30 pm, I heard a loud knock on my door, and it was Jason. I opened the door, and he was in tears. He started yelling at me and asking me why I had to steal Brie out of all the people.

I tried to calm him down, but he just kept on shouting. I was trying to get him to sit down on the bench on our porch. I told him my daughter was sleeping upstairs, but he slowly was getting more and more aggressive and volitile. I told him to get out of my house, and he sat in his truck and eventually drove away.

I immediately called Brie, and she was crying and did not sound well on the phone. She told Jason that she could not marry him, because she had feelings for me. I was really scared for her, after the physical altercation with Jason.

I told her to gather some clothes and get out of the house. She did that and came to my place. I just didn't feel she was safe with Jason. I consoled her for almost 2 hours and was able to get her to sleep.

The next morning, we had to call her parents to let them know about what had happened. Brie kept a brave face, but I could see how much she was hurting. Her parents asked her to take a few days off, and immediately come back home, and she did take a flight in the evening to go home.

Over the next two weeks, the wedding was called off. Brie and I were talking every day and she was just very exhausted. She talked to Jason a few times and kept on asking her to take more time to think. However, I think Brie just wanted to get out of it and decided to just break it off with Jason.

Currently, Brie is staying with us for the last two weeks. She still has a job here and started going back to work last week. I have talked to Brie in detail about what happened. Brie told me that Jason and her were dating on and off for the last 4 years.

Jason is not very career-oriented, and Brie is very good at her job. She felt he was a nice and reliable person, but was unsure about him from the start. She felt that she was not getting any younger, and hence they decided to get married.

When she heard about my wife passing away, she just felt really bad and wanted to be around me to comfort me. When she got her big promotion, which meant she could work in a corporate office, she immediately chose my city and moved here.

Jason also moved here and got a new job. She never had any romantic feelings for me back then. As she started hanging out with my daughter and me, she started feeling the bond we shared when we were growing up.

Except, I was the broken one and she was taking care of me. She said that she realized that she was enjoying her time with us, more than with Jason. She realized she made a mistake with Jason, and what she wanted was right in front of her.

Hence, she slowly started thinking about me in that way and finally told me about it. She knew her relationship with Jason was over the moment she confessed to me. It's a shitty situation, but I am glad that she realized that before getting married vs. after.

As for Jason, I feel bad for him. He is moving back to our hometown closer to his family. He is currently in their apartment and will move sometime next month.

I know a lot of you would be curious if we were dating. We are not dating. I don't think I can date anyone right now and neither should Brie. She is my friend, and I am happy that she is staying with us, and plans to be here until everything is sorted out.

My daughter loves having Auntie Brie around too, so that's a bonus. Plus, it's really nice to see her slowly get back to normal. Thanks again for helping me during my last post. Cheers.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after this latest update from the OP:


I’m happy to hear you’re healing. If I’m being honest I have zero idea why Brie would:

a) confess her feeling to you before breaking up with her fiancé.

b) bring you up during the break up talk with Jason. That seems like an unbelievably asinine thing to do. Of course it would make Jason come after you. She’s dragging you through the mud of her breakup for NO reason. And you don’t need this drama in your or your daughters life.

As a parent I would be incredibly mad at Brie for putting me in that situation where there is an angry violent ex-fiancé in the same house as my sleeping three year old. For me that would be unacceptable. What if Jason had hurt you worse than a punch and your three year old had heard or witnessed it, or god forbid come in the way?

Brie sounds like either a shit-stirrer who knowingly attracts drama, or someone immature who makes bad decisions and is not very considerate. Either way I would be careful letting her into your life like this. You have a kid to think about.

It also sounds like Brie has a history of jumping from relationship to relationship (you said she’d not been single since middle school). It sounds like she realised Jason was not the one and needed to replace him immediately and you fit the bill.

I’m not even really sure she likes you as much as she thinks she does. Brie should try to stay single for a bit but i suspect she will either try to get in a relationship with you, and failing that, find someone else asap.


I don't think it's a great idea to be playing happy families with a woman who has confessed to being in love with you. Especially as you have no intention of starting a romantic relationship with her. I don't think it will end well for either of you.


Please don't date her. She needs therapy and to be single for a long time. She may have codependent issues, so keep space. She confessed to you, before breaking up, shows she isn't ready for being single, you need to start telling her it's time for her to get her own place, before she is your child's new mommy. Be warned. Friends are fine but keep your eyes open.


She could have kept your name out if it.


If neither of you are ready to date (I agree) then why would you move a woman who claims to be in love with you into your house with your daughter who is likely to get even more attached to a woman living with you?

And why tf would you tell her to stay with you and your child hours after her ex assaulted you? You didn't know if he was going to find out she was there and show up thinking you two were getting together immediately and going crazy.

Like why put your daughter at risk, she could have stayed in a hotel. For all of your sake, she needs to move out immediately, like yesterday before you get involved prematurely and ruin everything long term.

So, if you could give the OP any advice, what would you tell them?

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