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Girlfriend always says she's not hungry, then asks to share food; BF says 'NO!'

Girlfriend always says she's not hungry, then asks to share food; BF says 'NO!'


My girlfriend is one of those people who, when you ask them, say they don’t want anything but literally seconds later asks you for your food/to share. It was cute at first, but now I’m kinda annoyed by it because sometimes I just wanna eat the food that I bought...or myself.

Whenever I tell her to stop doing that, she apologizes, doesn’t do it for like two days, but then does it again, and the cycle repeats. Recently, I was ordering some takeout and asked her if she wanted anything, and she said no, so I went ahead just ordered for myself.

Got the food, came home, and started to eat and she asked me if she could have some. I was hungry and didn’t want to share at this point, so I refused and said that she should just make some food or self or get something to eat.

She said I was being a dick and a bite or two wouldn’t hurt but I still refused because I literally asked her if she wanted anything and she said no. Things have been a little tense now, and she’s been giving me the silent treatment and refusing to talk to me.

I’m wondering if I should’ve just sucked it up since it’s just food, but I don’t know. AITA?


CrystalQueen3000 says:

NTA. I honestly don’t get that game some people play. Order your own food, I’m not sharing mine.

amillionparachutes says:

I hate the ones who treat group dinners like a taste testing event. No Janice I don't think we should all try a bit of everyone's dish. Back off or I'll fork you.

Ok-Crow-4948 says:

Janice forked around and found out!

Goodbye11035Karma says:

I had a roommate that HAD to have a bite, sip, or drag off anything I was putting in my mouth. I asked her to move out after 3 months.

D-Jewelled says:

I'm from a culture where sharing food is common and this still isn't okay.


Literally happened to me on the way home from the bar last night. I wanted to stop by a drive thru (I worked all day and had only eaten once) fiancée was tired, said she doesn’t want anything, she just wanted to go to bed and was angry that I wanted to stop. She fell asleep on the way home so I went through the drive thru while she was asleep.

After we got home I woke her up and she was mad that I didn’t wake her up at the drive thru so she could get something. I honestly didn’t know how to respond. She ended up eating most of my fries and like a third of my burger. So I had to make myself more food from the freezer because I was still hungry.

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