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Groom SNAPS at bride during wedding over teenage niece's dress; honeymoon ruined. AITA?

Groom SNAPS at bride during wedding over teenage niece's dress; honeymoon ruined. AITA?


When this groom is shocked by his wife's behavior at their own wedding, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for snapping at my wife at our wedding?"

We got married a few days ago and my wife is currently ruining our honeymoon over this issue. In our wedding my wife came to me and asked me to kick my teenage niece out. Why?

Because she was wearing a red dress and apparently you are not supposed to wear red in a wedding. I thought she was joking but no she was seriously expecting me to kick a kid out of our wedding for the horrible crime of wearing red?

I said no I'm not doing that. It resulted in an argument between us and I finally snapped and told her to get over it because it's not gonna happen. My niece will stay whether you like it or not. Now she won't talk to me. Am I really the ah?

Let's see what readers thought.

dennesterres writes:

You may be still in time to cancel the marriage. This will be the rest of your life. This level of entitlement needs to be discovered way before the marriage, but there may be still time to cancel.

superman50 writes:

ESH. Your wife should not have brought this up and it's low to ask a kid to leave a wedding. I also don't understand the red thing. It's common knowledge that women shouldn't wear fancy white dresses to a wedding, but red?

This is e-s-h because your attitude in response is pretty bad. You're using sarcasm to explain your wife's position. You went immediately inflexible and argumentative without any real inquiry into why she felt like she did.

Her request was unreasonable, but the way you are describing your response doesn't look great either. You two need to have a level-headed conversation to clear the air on this.

overrice96 writes:

NTA. So your wife is telling you that she believes you slept with your niece? That's what wearing a red dress "supposedly" represents. If she does believe that - you've got a problem. If she doesn't actually believe that - why is she making a fuss?

Looks like OP isn't TA. Should he leave his wife over this? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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