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Guy asks if he should confront coworker for lying about cancelling party.

Guy asks if he should confront coworker for lying about cancelling party.


YakkingOff asked, 'WIBTA if I were to confront my friend over her 'cancelled' Halloween party?'

I have a co-worker who invited me to attend her Halloween party tonight, but at the very last minute right as I was getting dressed, she texted me and told me that the party was cancelled since she wasn't feeling well. She said that she felt like she was coming down with the flu and that I shouldn't bother showing up.

I was annoyed since I had already paid a pretty penny for my costume and snacks. My anxiety made me suspicious of her explanation, so I decided to investigate, so to speak.

I drove to her place and parked a distance away to watch her house. Sure enough, there was a party going on. Costumed people were entering the house and I could see in the windows that the party was very clearly alive and well.

I even saw the host hanging in the front yard vaping with some other friends. I had half a mind to just get out of my car and confront her right there, but I controlled myself and just drove off.

I'm back at my place and both confused and angry. It's clear that she didn't want me to attend her party and I'm trying to figure out why. I seriously want to confront her ASAP and I'm thinking on if I even should. Would I be able to confront her without coming off as an asshole? What do you think?

Then nefarious_planet found another post by YakkingOf in Relationship Advice from 10 days ago:

I have a co-worker who I've had a crush on since she first started working at our job last December. She quickly became part of our group at work who parties and hangs out together and there was one party where everything changed between us.

It was earlier this year in March and she was hosting a party at her house. It was my plan to finally make a move by officially asking her out, but there was a problem in that another guy in our group also wanted to make a move on her. We'll call him 'Jeff'. I had overheard Jeff talking about hooking up with her and I knew that I had to act fast.

Throughout the party, this girl would go out of her way to talk to me in a friendly way and I was looking for my shot. I also saw her and Jeff talking occasionally as well. There came a point where I went to use the bathroom and I found myself locked in.

I was unable to open the door and when someone let me out, I saw that someone had wedged the door with a chair and I knew immediately that it had to be Jeff. One other person confirmed that he did see Jeff wedging the door.

I was looking all over for the girl and I found her and Jeff both sitting out in the backyard porch by the fire alone. I awkwardly went out to ask the girl for a quick word, but she politely told me that she was with Jeff and that she'd get to me in a few minutes.

A few minutes turned into nearly a whole hour of her and Jeff talking and flirting with each other outside. I watched it all from the window and I gave up for the night.

I went home and found out the next day that Jeff and her had slept together once everyone else had left. They're now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. I've had to endure the past seven months of seeing Jeff and her post their pictures together online and seeing them together at work.

It's been hell and I've spent a lot of this time thinking 'That should be me.' What's worse is that me and this girl are still friends and it hurts talking to her knowing how close I came to having her, if not for Jeff. How do I move on?

Here's a mix of comments from both posts.

razzledazzle626 says:

She wasn’t stolen from you. She chose to be with someone else and wasn’t interested in you.

letmeknowbefore says:

You and Jeff both sounds incredibly immature. Poor girl

GHERU42 says:

You sat on your ass for four(ish) months. She wasn’t stolen from you since you never even tried to make her yours.

Sweeper1985 says:

Oh daaaaamn why do facts have to ruin this story? I was actually hoping OP might try my idea and update us!

Pasdusername says:

He sounds like a weird stalker imo

Pasdusername says:

For real lmaooo, bro did a whole post about a girl who wasn't his gf being 'stolen' from him

RealWitchyMermaid says:

And in that post his rival 'Jeff' got a name but the girl didn't. Very telling.

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