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Guy wants to buy house and charge girlfriend rent because she doesn't save money.

Guy wants to buy house and charge girlfriend rent because she doesn't save money.


My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have been living together in a rental for 1 year now. We have always been a 'we have our own money' kind of couple, but have always had a joint account that we both put money into to pay for groceries, rent, electricity etc.

Prior to living with her I lived with my parents for a while and I was working full time so I managed to save up quite a lot of money. She is the complete opposite where if she gets money she spends it. I recently decided that I am going to put my savings into a house and move into there. All of the money going into the house will be mine and none of it will be hers.

When we spoke about it I said to her that when we moved into the house, I would like her to pay rent. She claimed that if we were to move in as a couple that she would not pay rent because she wouldn't be renting a place, she would be living in my house with me.

I said that she would need to still pay half of the mortgage payments, but it would be no different to her paying rent to any other place we were living in, only at the end of the day, the house would completely be under my name.

Basically I want her to pay rent to live in my place, she doesn't think she should have too. AITA?

Edit: To answer a few common questions. I used the word mortgage in the post and that was a mistake, I never actually said the word mortgage to her, just the amount I asked for was equal to half of the mortgage which is about less then 25% of most rentals in the areas. I am also able to make payments without her assistance and will pay for all upkeep like any homeowner would.

Here's what people think:

muskiesfan1 says:

NTA. This is completely acceptable. You need to draw up an agreement though that makes her a tenant. Any upkeep, maintenance, upgrades, anything that adds equity is completely on you. Having a formal rental agreement protects both of you in case this doesn’t work out long term.

It’s no different than paying rent elsewhere. Just because you buy a house does not mean she gets to live for free. So have a rental agreement drawn up or she doesn’t live there if she won’t pay rent.

Ashesnhale says:

It's NAH for me, but I think OP needs to ask himself some honest questions.

Where do you see this relationship going in the future? Is she your forever person from where you stand right now? No need to propose marriage or anything, but is this relationship healthy and happy in your eyes? If the answers are yes, then I would propose something different from a landlord/tenant kind of agreement.

adaarable says:

I just find it weird that whenever this question comes up here, so few people are willing to acknowledge that having your partner become your landlord changes the nature of your relationship. Having to draw up a tenancy contract with the person you're dating is invariably going to feel kind of cold.

so_lost_im_faded says:

It definitely taints the relationships.

I've been my ex's tenant in his tiny apartment, there was no space for me so while paying rent and of course the utilities, I was still paying the mortgage for my own place and kept my stuff there. This was very financially inefficient for me as I'd be better off just living in my own place.

MollyRolls says:

ESH. She should absolutely be paying rent, but half the mortgage when she’s building zero equity is exploitative. She should be paying a token amount, or utilities or groceries as her contribution, not subsidizing your home ownership. And she certainly shouldn’t be living there for free.

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