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Guy's fiancé throws fit on plane; he pretends not to know her; she gets kicked off.

Guy's fiancé throws fit on plane; he pretends not to know her; she gets kicked off.


'AITA for pretending not to know my fiancé after she had a meltdown during boarding the plane and was eventually thrown off?'

'I imagine I'm gonna get raked over the coals for this one.'

So, my fiancé (maybe not for much longer) and I were on our way back from a vacation recently. It was a great time and everything went off without an issue. That is until we started boarding the plane.

Now, I know better, I only bring a small backpack with essentials in case I don't get my checked bags. I can survive out of this backpack and it will always pass baggage check for size and weight (done a lot of traveling so why fight the system).

My fiancé didn't wanna listen to my advice and chose to bring basically a regular full-size bag that barely fits the standards of carry on, but generally speaking the airline worker doesn't wanna deal with the trouble and allows it through. But this time the airline worker was not having it.

It was a packed flight, we were boarding last in economy and it was just a sh*t show. I got through just fine first with my little backpack, but I could hear the argument from the boarding tunnel thingy and it was getting heated. I was about to go back and try to smooth it out but my fiancé rushed pass and just boarded plane.

I assumed, not having heard it super clearly that the attendant had given in and let her on. That was not the case!

So we found our seats and settled in. I was pretty tired and I could tell she was upset so I just kinda tucked into the window and put my hat down and tried to take a nap. But soon after the airline worker and a cop show up and they are not f**king around, and want her off the plane.

She tries to plead and cry, etc. but they are not having it. And maybe in a moment of panic or just plain self preservation...the cop asks if we're together, and I blurt out, 'NO!' shaking my head emphatically. I got kill dagger eyes from her as she shot up and grabbed her bag and followed the cop out. She was also swearing and screaming the whole way out.

Now, obviously this is well after the event I'm posting this. But when she did eventually get home (she caught next flight out with the bag checked, lol), I was there to pick her up.

She obviously thought I was the a**hole, and to be honest almost everyone I know thinks I'm an asshole except my boss and co workers, who for context were very much relying on me to be back on time, which I gave my word I would, for a really important project that was time sensitive. They were all very happy I didn't get thrown off too.

So, am I the asshole for this self preservation? AITA?

From the comments:

Silver-Mud8390 writes:

INFO. If you were able to be at the airport to pick your fiance up when she arrived, how important was it for you to be back on time...? Would've been more believable if she'd had to catch an uber home tbh.

SandLadHahaGotcha OP responded:

I'm not at work 24/7

lotr_farin writes:

How is she to wait staff?

SandLadHahaGotcha Op responded:

Not awesome.

kats1945 writs:

Kinda TA. I totally would have probably done the same thing, but still.

SandLadHahaGotcha OP responded:

Hah, thanks, I swear it was a split second reaction. I was all tucked in ready to nap.

BFIrrera writes:

NTA. Get out while you still can. This is how she’ll be forever. She’ll never learn from this experience.

CatelinaBaylorfan writes:

Disagree. Nothing like the humiliation of a cop escorting you off a plane to learn that rules really are a thing. Loss of time, money and public humiliation are VERY powerful teachers. And now OP can reference this whenever she forgets her social decorum. Acting up in a restaurant? 'Jeez, I hope they don't escort you out of here like they did off that plane'

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