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'AITA for making my half-sister babysit while she's staying with us rent-free?'

'AITA for making my half-sister babysit while she's staying with us rent-free?'


With rent an ever-increasing, ever-depressing expense, the idea of living 'rent-free' seems an almost miraculous luxury. In the case below, a woman gave her half-sister that opportunity, with the expectation that she help out with the kid. This kid-pro-quo quickly led to conflict. On Reddit's court of public opinion, the Am I the A**hole subreddit, she wrote:

'AITA for telling my half-sister to babysit my daughter, when she's staying in our home rent-free and that was our agreement?'

My (32f) half-sister 'May' (20f) is living with me, my husband, and my 6-year-old daughter while she's finishing her degree. She doesn't pay any rent, but in exchange she does household chores and babysits. This was our agreement.

A close friend of mine is getting married, and her wedding is child-free. We had a babysitter booked for our daughter, but she canceled. The wedding is tomorrow.

I told May to look after my daughter while we're at the wedding. May refused. She has some type of test tomorrow that finishes at 11. Me and my husband need to be out of the house by 11:45/12 at the most if we want to make it in time.

May catches public transportation home that takes her almost an hour. I suggested she catch a cab which would take less time, but she doesn't want to pay for that and have to rush out of her test.

I reminded her of our agreement. May mentioned before that she usually doesn't need the full time required for tests and exams. If she leaves a little earlier, she can make it by 12 catching public transportation.

It's hard looking for a last minute babysitter, especially since May is staying here knowing our agreement. I told her that I'm doing her a big favor letting her stay rent-free in my home, and if she's going to be like this then she's free to leave. May is pretty upset over this but I think it's fair.

The harsh attitude and unwillingness to negotiate had the jury firmly on May's side.

Swirlyflurry said:

YTA. If you need her to be home in time to watch your kid, you should pay for her cab or Uber so that can happen. She agreed to babysit - she did not agree to go broke rushing around town to do so at your beck and call.

BurtMacklin_1337 said:

100% this. The attitude is off-putting. Either wait with YOUR child and be a little late for the party or pay for her Uber. What would OP have done if the test ended at one, demanded she skipped it overall?

Sel-Reddit said:

What’s the point of her staying with you while she completes her degree if you make her miss her exams?

It’s not May’s fault that your babysitter cancelled. She’s agreed to do it after her test - you pay for the cab if you need her home ASAP (you would’ve paid for the babysitter).

Stop using her living in the house as a way to control her - she’s not your slave. Yeah, you come across as selfish, unreasonable and uncaring.

ScienceNotKids said:

YTA. Pay for the cab yourself.

NUT-me-SHELL said:

YTA. She babysits when she is free - not at the last minute when she’s has an exam. Also, telling her to babysit is rude as f*ck. Try asking next time.

SnooSprouts6712 said:

YTA. Obviously she needs to take her test, and by the sound of it, you are making that difficult for her, and at very short notice also. It does not at all sound as if May is trying to get out of her duties as babysitter, but you are being totally unreasonable, holding your agreement over her head in this situation.

Notdoingitanymore said:

YTA.she’s not shirking her agreement responsibilities, she’s legitimately not willing to risk her grade. Give her money for a cab or Uber. Can you get your neighbor to sit for one hour or something?!?!

Sputtrosa said:

She has to prioritize school. Her test is just as important as the wedding you're going to. Was the agreement really 'she has to ignore her schoolwork to babysit with short notice'?

If you think she can do it by taking a cab, how about you pay for it?

YTA. Hugely.

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