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Husband wants to go to basketball game before they have a baby, on wife's bday.

Husband wants to go to basketball game before they have a baby, on wife's bday.


More like a slam DUMP!

Pardon the pun, but palyers gotta play.

On to the story:

One man took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for wanting to take a boys trip for a basketball game on his wife's birthday. He says he feels like he has good reasons but the family is livid and now he's wondering if he is being selfish.

'WIBTA for going to a college football game instead of staying in town for my wife's birthday?'


I (30M) am an alum of Oklahoma State University. I want to go to the Oklahoma State at Arizona State football game this fall. However the game is the same day as my Wife’s 30th birthday. My wife is very big into birthdays and this is a big milestone birthday.

My mother In law has approached me about throwing a party for her and wants it on her birthday, which is the same day as the game, I’ve told her I may be out of town which she is appalled at.

She asked me if my wife knew and I told her we had discussed it. I want to go, she doesn't want me to. I told her we could celebrate together before or after the trip. She wasn't keen on that idea.

My best college friend who went to OSU lives in Scottsdale and has a house. A few other buddies are planning to go. A few spouses may go but when I broached the topic with my wife she wasnt interested.

She wants me to stay home. She told me she wants to be around her friends and family and not tailgating in a parking lot in Tempe Arizona. She says she won't stop me from going but i'll be a huge a**hole if I do.

This is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity with the caveat that it could become an every other year thing. There are rumors about ASU joining the Big 12 which would make us conference rivals and we'd play every year.

But I want to go now as the wife and I have discussed kids in the near future and this trip would be much easier without a kid in our life.

Essentially, I want to go to a game on my wife's birthday, I brought it up, she doesn't want me to go and said i'd be the a**hole if I went. My MIL is planning a party for that day, WIBTA for going to the game anyway Go Pokes and WIBTA?

For what it is worth, I grew up going to OSU games and haven't gone as much since I met my wife 6 years ago. Its something I grew up doing with my dad, who passed during college.

I gave up my season tickets for her because where we relocated to is at least a 2 hour drive to Stillwater. I wanted to continue making the drive, she didn't. I love her and gave up the tickets.

I still go to a road and home game every year, just this year I wanted to go to 2 road games.

Here were the top comments from readers:


Going to a mid-season college football game is not a once in a lifetime opportunity. Get your priorities straight. YTA.


'This is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity with the caveat that it could become an every other year thing.'

So it's not really a once in a lifetime opportunity if it could become an every other year thing, is it?

You know what IS a once in a lifetime thing? Your wife's 30yh birthday. That won't happen every other year, it won't happen EVER again.

So YWBTA if you attend the game and miss your wife's birthday.


OP thinks going to college (almost a decade ago) is a personality trait.


YWBTA. It's a fucking football game. It doesn't matter. At all. To anyone. Unless you're getting some special 'alumnus who traveled the farthest to go to a fucking football game' award, be a man and celebrate your wife's birthday.


You really have to ask? Yes, you would absolutely be the asshole for skipping out on your wife's birthday and party for a football game when she's made her feelings clear. Sort out your priorities. Watching college football game doesn't really qualify as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity.' YTA.

So, what do you think? Is this husband completely selfish or is he just asking for one of the few things he does for himself?

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