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Wife learns the hard way why you never get a tattoo of your partner's name. AITA?

Wife learns the hard way why you never get a tattoo of your partner's name. AITA?


It's polite to include a receipt when you get someone a gift. But if your gift is a tattoo on your own body, how do they return that? On Reddit's Am I the A**hole, a man asks if he had the wrong reaction to his wife's inky gesture. He writes:

AITA for not wanting to get a tattoo of my wife's name after she got one with of my name?

My wife (28F) and I (40M) recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. As a surprise for me, my wife got an elegant tattoo of my name on her wrist and I had no idea she would ever do this nor have we ever talked about it.

My wife already had multiple smaller tattoos before this so this wasn't her first. I don't have any tattoos and definitely don't want any myself and my wife was aware of that.

I was obviously completely over the moon by this and definitely felt amazing that my wife would do this to show her love for me. I got my wife a diamond necklace and she really liked that one but I'm aware that it doesn't compare to the tattoo.

My wife later on asked me when I'm getting a tattoo of her name. I thought she was joking and I told her that she knows that I never wanted a tattoo on my body. This got her seriously riled up and emotional.

She said that she got the tattoo to show me how committed and in love she is with me and that she thinks that I should show the same commitment to her by also getting her name tattooed on my body.

I told her that I'll continue to show her my commitment and love for her in other ways and actions but that I never want to get a tattoo on my body. This has caused some tension between us and I feel that my wife isn't letting this go. AITA?

You'd think the comments section would be laser-focused, wouldn't you?

From zalkaare:

NTA- Was the tattoo to show YOU her commitment, or to convince herself she is committed? S/o tattoos are well out of style and it's wildly naive of her to think that you would get your FIRST tattoo just to prove something that you have already proven through time, effort and marriage?

From ency2001:

NTA. But what did you expect? You dated someone almost young enough to be your daughter, how was that ever going to end well?

Tattoo artists always joke that getting a SO's name tattooed is the kiss of death for the relationship. And here you are.

EDIT almost, people, almost.

From Villanelle_Lives1:

35 dates 23, wonders why she’s immature and it’s not working. Date your own age! NTA but still wack. I’m 35 and wouldn’t date someone in their 20s let alone baby early 20s.

From oakcool:

NTA. Rule number one of getting a tattoo is you never get a SO tattoo named on you.

From DoIwantToKnow6417

'She knows that I never wanted a tattoo on my body.' Why doesn't she respect that?

- In her rhetoric, you gave her a diamond necklace, when is she giving one to you?

- Most important: Did she, a woman who already has several tattoos and to whom tattoos are already an acquired taste, get the tattoo with your name to show you her commitment, or to push you, someone who does not want a tattoo, to get a tattoo with her name?

Because that's invalidating her reason of commitment, and her tattoo becomes a simple tool of emotional blackmail instead. NTA

We see lasers in her future.

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