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Woman 'wins back' cheating husband, then delivers a bombshell of an April Fools joke. Updated 2X

Woman 'wins back' cheating husband, then delivers a bombshell of an April Fools joke. Updated 2X


"Now that I have won my husband back, I am leaving him."


I have secured an apartment for my baby and me and I have put everything in order and prepared for custody. Shared or otherwise. I have divided the money and transferred my share to a third account and it will stay there until the divorce proceedings and the dividing of the assets.

I found out that my husband was having an affair while I was postpartum. I thought that I would die because I love him and it felt like my heart was broken into million pieces. I knew that it was over but my curiosity got the best of me.

I wanted to know why. What was it she had that I didn’t. Did he love her. I started reading his texts and everything was there. He felt like he was alive again. He was happy and excited.

She’s single and childless so she had all the time in the world to make him her priority. He felt seen and desired by her. I was confused because even with life coming between us he was always my love and I made sure he knew that every day. Still it wasn’t enough.

I read thousands upon thousands of messages between them and I started being everything he fantasized about. In the beginning, it felt weird and he was confused but I just went on.

Every time he made plans with her I found a way to make him stay or I made sure that I sent him exhausted to her. The messages became less and less frequent and the passion and excitement subsided. Soon answering her became more of a chore.

The complaining started and him pulling away. He was happier at home and he couldn’t wait to come home. He started texting me again during the day. The sweetest texts of how he missed me. He was his old self back.

One day what I hoped and waited patiently for happened. He ended things with her. He told her that he loved me and that now everything was great again. Her services weren’t needed in other words. I felt relief and finally I could move on.

Now I am preparing for my divorce. He will get the papers the day I leave for my new life in my new apartment. I know I will get a lot of hate for this because I have neglected my husband and pushed him to seek solace in another woman’s arms when I apparently could given him what he sought all along and believe me I will bear the guilt for the rest of my life.

In my defense, I didn’t do it intentionally. Our lives had just been altered drastically and I was trying to navigate this new and exciting existence. I was immersed in this new kind of happiness that I thought I was sharing with him. And I was trying to get to know my new body, that I couldn’t recognize anymore.

A real scary feeling. But he could have come to me with his hurt. He could have talked to me about his suffering. He could have tried to make me understand but he chose not to. He decided to deceive me. Deceive us. He ruined our love, our future and even our history. Nothing was, is or will be the same again.

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's initial post:


I just hope you took tonnes of screenshots of those texts. This isn't petty revenge but nuclear revenge, and I for one ain't mad at you. Revenge is best served cold, and this is ice cold. All the best to you and your little one in your new life. Looking forward to the update. updateme!


Yes please have screenshots. I had them for my divorce and it made a world of difference.


Cheating on your postpartum wife is so dirty that I can't even describe it. It's rubbish, someone despicable, and capable of much worse things than cheating.


I’m commenting kind of early on, but I love how people so far are basically like “ngl I love this for you,” which same here lol. In all seriousness it’s hard to leave a partner with a new baby, and I know that prepping for and starting a divorce isn’t exactly easy and I’m glad you used that time wisely.

He had no problem pretending everything was all good when he was cheating, why should you not return the favor? He set the standard here.


I would have immediately raged at him and noped the out for not only cheating but cheating while I just had his baby. But I always applauded petty revenge. You didn’t neglect him. He got you pregnant and then started banging someone else. You’re not neglecting someone if you’re unable to do the same things as you could before you had a baby.

You were being a mother and instead of being a father he was cheating. Wish you the best and I hope you have screenshots of all the evidence of the affair so he can’t act like it came out of nowhere to others.

One week later, the OP returned with an update.

"Moving out April 1st. Probably the cruelest April fool I could play on my dear husband"


He always loved April Fool. I feel a lot of guilt and guilt related pain. I know what I am doing is so cruel but I guess I will just keep going with my plans. There’s no turning back now. Whenever I feel shit like I am the bad guy I just remember their conversations. No I am not the villain here!

I will end the marriage and I will tell him that it is because we aren’t compatible anymore. Let him think whatever. I have decided maybe I shouldn’t tell him that I know about her. Let him run back to her once he realizes that I am really gone.

When my baby is older, we could tell him that we got an amicable divorce. No hurt or hard feelings. Two people who fell out of love. My boy doesn’t need to know his daddy broke up the family. It is ok you can hate me.

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's update:


“The joke is our marriage, this is just the punchline.”

That’s a free one. You can have it.


Why are you feeling guilty? He's the one who cheated and is reaping what he sowed.

The OP responded here:


Because I am bitterly plotting behind the scenes and won’t give him a chance to apologize or explain.


Also, feel free to tell your child the truth. I am so sick of covering for my ex for my children's sake when he's the one that messed up and destroyed the family.


I like it. Props for tuning him up on April Fool’s. Get a good divorce lawyer if you don’t have one already.

Two months later, the OP returned with their final update.

"I have left my husband and filed for divorce. I am starting to think that it’s not so bad and that I will be alright ❤️"


Well hello and sorry for being so absent. I know that I promised an update once I got out but I have been so busy adjusting to my new life. I have received hundreds of have you moved out?? and *is there an update??*dms and comments.

I hope everyone who asked sees this because I have no possibility to answer each and every one. Also I don’t know how many times I am allowed to update here, hopefully this is ok.

I did exactly as I planned. I moved out after I left my husband divorce papers. I told him that I wasn’t in love with him anymore and that I think we are better off as co parents than as a couple.

That I have found a new place and he could buy me out of our current home or sell the property once the divorce is finalized. He was in a total shock but probably not the same shock I was in when I found out that he was cheating on me.

He literally asked if I hit my head and even was telling people that he was worried that I had brain tumor. He was very angry in the beginning and wanted answers. No answer was good enough.

Is there someone else? No, dear husband! There isn’t someone else, but there isn’t you either. The audacity of that man! I reminded him that we still had our son and to think about him before acting vindictive. Sure enough he kept it civil around our son. One thing he kept asking is why and how long ago I have stopped loving him. He didn’t get any answers from me.

Other than that, everything has been fine with me. I am adjusting well. I still miss him but at the same time I feel like I could finally breathe. I feel like I have been living on shallow breathing for the past months and now I could take full breaths.

Our families are very sad and mostly shocked but honestly they have been very understanding. There’s no bad reason for divorce. Wanting divorce is a good enough reason for them. To want to separate, to not want to be with your partner.

My ex in laws are still very active in my son’s life and they have been very cordial if yet a bit cold towards me. That represented itself when about 2 weeks ago, my mother in law in a bit passive aggressive tone told me that my husband has started seeing someone.

She apologized immediately and said that she just wanted me to know and be prepared that he had someone new and yet I couldn’t help but hear some vindication in her voice. I just answered oh! Do you mean Karen?(I gave the mistress this name for obvious reasons).

She looked shocked and asked me did you know? Did he talk to you about it? I said oh no but she isn’t new I told her that he has been sleeping with her since I just had given birth, maybe even before that.

I kept my voice very quiet and monotone like we were discussing the weather. I was already regretting my slip but the news that he started seeing Karen again, while very much anticipated, still made my heart hurt.

My mother and father in law just looked at each other. I don’t know if they believed me but then how would I have known about Karen when I have refused to see him in person since our break up?

So now everyone knows anyway and I have learned that you can’t keep these things to yourself indefinitely. Since he found out he has been called and apologizing every day. Why didn’t you tell me?, how much did I hurt you?

He said that he loved me and never stopped loving me. That he was so sorry for everything and that he would do anything to have me back as his wife. My mother in law apologized too even though she had no control over what her grown up son did or does.

It’s not her fault. He writes that he loves me every night before bed. I hope this doesn’t mean that he would make the divorce drag out because then I have failed my plan but he seems to be less forgiving of the divorce when he knew that he was the reason for it than when he thought it was mine. Weird.

The divorce is still processing and if anything major happens I will be here again if I haven’t outstayed my welcome already. Ciao.

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's final post:


I don’t even think you should regret the slip. It’s good that everyone knows what really happened, it’s good he can’t twist the story, and it’s awesome that everyone now knows his new gf is actually the woman who helped him ruin his marriage.

He loves you so much but didn’t even grieve the marriage before dating her? Yea no. And you’re way too nice on your ex MIL, she purposely tried to hurt you by even mentioning it.


He's only sorry he got caught. Keep your chin up!


I’m actually a far pettier, deranged woman. It can be true, but part of growing up is realizing that loving someone, and even being loved back, doesn’t fix all problems and bulldoze all obstacles. You still have to do your part. He failed. He gets consequences. Whether he loves her or not doesn’t change that.


I'm glad she ended up telling everyone. From what I've seen and experienced, keeping affairs secret only benefits the person who had the affair.


Haahaa oh the dropping it to the MIL months after was actually masterful.


Man what a low self-esteem the side piece must have to take him back and stay with him through those apologies to try to get OP back.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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