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People share the 'ick' moments that instantly killed a relationship.

People share the 'ick' moments that instantly killed a relationship.


The idea of 'the ick' is self-explanatory, but let's make sure we're all on the same page. Specifically, the same page of Urban Dictionary, the one that defines ''ick' as 'something someone does that is an instant turn-off for you, making you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically.'

It isn't always as straightforward as the rotting smell of cheeseburgers in a backseat. Oftentimes it's more of a feeling, or personality trait, like the fact that someone doesn't mind the rotting smell of cheeseburgers in a backseat.

Recently, someone Asked Reddit about their most potent, relationship-killing icks. Here are the most visceral.

1.) From youraveragebrat:

Talking about our interests and after I listened to him blab about his ''lawn-scaping business'' I went to talk about my interests and he interrupted me to say ''wow you really have nothing interesting to say do you.''

2.) From merirei:

The amount of time he spent plotting revenge, usually against his parents or ex-wife, should’ve been spent introspectively and on getting his life back on track.

We broke up shortly thereafter. Then we tried to reconcile. Then he smoked meth in front of me. And that was the end of that.

3.) From ctrlALTdeleted716:

Literally every single problem she had was someone else’s fault. Even when there was proof it was her fault she would argue non stop that it was someone else’s.

She got in a car wreck and called insurance over and over again to tell them that it was the other person’s fault. They checked the computer in her car because it saved her speed she was going right before the wreck. It told them everything they needed to know and she STILL denied it.

4.) From IgnorethisIamstupid:

Grabbed me by the face on the first date, “stroked” under my eyes and said, “You need to take better care of yourself”

Sir I’m a divorced 37yo with kids and those under-eye circles were passed down from my grandmother, they’re family heirlooms

And get your hands off my face we just met and this is not a Nicholas Sparks movie

5.) From noteveni:

He bullied someone in front of me. Instant disgust

6.) From yuyufan43:

Had a guy once who's car smelled so bad I had to try not to throw up while sticking my head out the window. He couldn't smell it. I thought I was going to die.

Turns out he forgot about a double cheeseburger in the back of his car for over two weeks in the hot sun. I don't know what bothered me more. The smell or the fact that it didn't bother him

7.) From imlivinginurwall:

she constantly thought everyone wanted to f*** her all the time, even strangers

8.) From 11_Jay:

She was 'best friends' with another girl who she constantly spoke sh*t about when said friend wasn't around.

9.) SpeechDistinct8793

Found out the reason he rented the house next door to his parents was so his mom would make his meals, wash his clothes, etc. Had the audacity to say “let me call my mom” when I mentioned I was a little hungry.

10.) From GetInMyBellybutton:

In college I was seeing a girl who lived in student residence with me, but on another floor. She would always talk about how another guy, Tom, on her floor was obsessed with her and would show me texts between them. She said she only talked to him because he’s harmless and that they’re friends. I never met him.

After a week, her ex-friend from high school pulled me aside and told me not to trust her. She said that the girl I was seeing is a notorious liar and that Tom doesn’t exist.

That she added her own number in her phone as “Tom”, would text herself, and then delete the sent messages. The only reason her ex-friend knew is because she saw the text message exchange happen in the reflection of a mirror when they were in the same room.

I was close with front desk and asked if they could look up the names from that floor. They said yes, and told me that there was no guy named Tom on her floor. I noped out of that real quick.

11.) From lookssharp:

My brief GF bought me some hair care products before she came over because it was right by her house. In return I said I would go grocery shopping and make her a nice dinner.

I thought this to be an even exchange. That night I found her looking through my trash for the receipt for the groceries to make sure that the 30 dollars she spent on me was equal to the amount I spent on her dinner.

Edit: Just to clarity before it becomes too man vs woman. I saw her parents do this to her. It was her upbringing. She did this in every aspect of her life which gave me the ick but she did not have very good role models.

12.) From Kixion:

Making assumptions about me on the first day. 'I suppose someone like you...' or 'A girl like you wouldn't understand...' I am literally right here, ask me. Don't tell me what my life is or is like. Anyway, eventually I got up and left. They messaged me what my problem is so i wrote back something to the effect of;

'A boy like you wouldn't understand even if I told you'

13.) From jbartlettcoys:

Maybe not instantly killed, but a really lovely woman telling me in a sincere voice that she loved me, 3-4 hours after meeting her, freaked me the f*ck out in a way that I guess could reasonably be described as 'the ick'.

In no way was the statement couched either, just straight up 'I love you'. Think I responded ', you don't'

14.) From choccymilkaddict:

Went on a date with a guy I met at a party. He made me prove that I liked Lord of the Rings by answering who said what when he quoted someone. He pulled out a notebook of really poorly drawn anime characters and asked me if he could draw me.

He was a lot shorter than me and asked if it bothered me, I said no, then he said 'Good, I like Amazonian goddesses'. He kept trying to put his jewellery onto me despite my protests.

He asked what I wanted to order for food, then ignored me and ordered me something else and got frustrated I didn't eat it all. He referenced being arrested, made me guess what for, and when I refused to guess for not knowing him well enough he said GBH.

He was a trainee doctor and asked if I'd ever broken any bones, when I replied yes, he said that he was going to look up my x-rays. And the icing on the cake...

When I wanted to leave he got my knee-high boots, slipped them onto my feet and zipped them up and said 'you should always be treated like a goddess... My Morticia Addams'. ALL ONE DATE.

15.) From d80bn:

At first I was interested in her because she seemed really cool and funny, but then it became apparent that literally everything out of her mouth was “le cool and funny.”

It was impossible to have a real conversation, even a casual one, instead it was constant arrested development lines and sarcasm. She replaced the word “dollars” with “doll hairs,” which I chuckled at the first time, but she said it EVERY TIME, like she was trying to earn reddit karma in real life conversations. Drove me nuts

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