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Man angry GF drinks wine, falls asleep, during his birthday movie day; he walks out.

Man angry GF drinks wine, falls asleep, during his birthday movie day; he walks out.


'AITA for asking my girlfriend to watch my favorite movies with me?'

Last weekend was my (M28) birthday. My girlfriend (F25) had asked what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to watch my favorite movie trilogy, LOTR (Lord Of The Rings).

I don't think my girlfriend was thrilled but she didn't say anything and agreed. She has seen them before and I don't think she really likes them very much but she knows I love them so she doesn't really say anything besides they aren't really her thing.

But I really wanted to make a day of watching them and I went over to her house because she has a really big comfortable couch. About ten minutes into the first movie and I look over and she is browsing on her phone. I was a little miffed but didn't say anything. She basically scrolled through her phone the entire movie.

When we started the second movie, she opened a bottle of wine and proceeded to drink the whole thing, while still sitting on her phone. I was pretty irritated at this point because she wasn't even paying attention at all.

The third movie started and by then she had opened another bottle of wine and was asleep within the first twenty minutes. I was really mad at that point and just left and went home.

A few hours later I got a text asking where I went. I told her I was mad that she couldn't pay attention to my favorite movies on my birthday. She told me I was an a*%hole and to grow the hell up. I've texted her a couple times but she hasn't responded. AITA?

Q&A with OP:

WithoutDennisNedry asks:

INFO: extended editions or theatrical releases?

Awkward_Sky_7811 OP responded:

I have the extended editions but we were watching the theatrical releases because I figured that might drive her nuts.

Agitated_Gazelle_223 asks:

INFO: would you have been fine with it if she engaged with the movies by asking questions about the characters, commenting on the outfits, talked about the landscape of New Zealand, or similar trivial conversations to try to find interest in the films?

Awkward_Sky_7811 OP responded:

Yes... Honestly if she had been on her phone but just less I would have been happy. She seriously glanced up one time and said 'Who's that little fellow again?' and that was it.

Key-Ad-5068 asks:

Would you watch 9 hours straight of something you didn't like, for her?

Awkward_Sky_7811 OP responded:

I feel like because of the types of movies she likes it's different. I've tried watching some of her movies before and some I can sit through and some I can't.

Devi_Moonbeam asks:

Seriously?!!! It's 'different' because the kind of movies you like are sooooo superior to the ones she likes? Or because your happiness is more important than hers? She went out of the way to grant what was an extremely selfish wish on your part.

One movie maybe. But a 9 hour marathon of movies she's already seen and can't stand? She was being very nice and kind. I'm only surprised that two bottles of wine were enough for that snooze fest.

Awkward_Sky_7811 OP responded:

I don't think they're superior... The movies she watches are just really scary. She watches really, really graphic and violent horror movies all the time. I can't do scary movies...

Megarafire asks:

Like what?

Awkward_Sky_7811 OP responded:

The last one I watched with her was Terrifier. Before that she was watching some awful foreign horror movie with people skinning someone. The one that gave me nightmares for weeks was Serbian Movie I think it's called.

Here's how people judged OP:

Korrin writes:

YTA. She's seen them before and she didn't like them, yet she agreed to be there with you while you watch them on your birthday without complaint. Why does it matter if she's paying attention? What do you gain from that except the validation of forcing someone to pay attention to something you like for however long that bloody trilogy is?

I mean, that is not a small amount of time she dedicated to being there with you despite you both knowing she would get nothing from it. You are kinda ungrateful and controlling. Not to mention the way you just let yourself get angrier and angrier about it until you stormed out without saying anything. She's right. You could stand to grow up.

autotuned_voicemails writes:

My parents have been married 33 years and are one of the best, happiest, most stable couples I’ve ever known. I absolutely guarantee that they would not have lasted this long if they didn’t do this. Their interests are just way too different.

I lived with them for a couple months for the first time in 8 years in 2021. Every single night after dinner they’d both sit down in the living room, one on each end of the couch, and do their own things. Occasionally they’d pause to read/show something to the other. But for the most part there was very little interaction.

urple_sphinx writes:

I like LOTR and I needed to watch one movie a night to handle it.

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