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Man asks GF to stop with her 'baby talk.' AITA?

Man asks GF to stop with her 'baby talk.' AITA?


When this man is embarrassed of his GF, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for asking my gf not to use baby talk in public?"

My gf (22f) and me (24m) have been together for two years. She has a habit of talking to me in a baby voice when we're alone together and I actually find it very cute, and it's hardly hurting anyone so we do it back and forth at each other sometimes. It's just a silly thing we share.

My problem is that recently she's started doing that in front of other people when talking to me and it makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere for those around us, such as friends or family.

It just feels awkward and like a weird public display of something that feels very intimate and personal to us. Like, I don't want my dad or a random friend knowing that's something we do together and I'd rather they didn't get that insight into our relationship.

I recently found myself spending a quiet evening with my gf, and I gently asked her whether she'd be okay not using that baby voice when we're in public, and gave the reasons that I just explained.

She was really offended and accused me of being embarrassed of her or ashamed of our relationship, which I tried to explain wasn't true but to little success.

Ever since she hasn't been doing it in public but also not in private, because she'd "rather not do it at all if (I'm) so embarrassed by it. Again I'm not embarrassed, I thought it was sweet and liked doing it, but it just wasn't something I wanted displayed to others that's all. Was I too hard on her by doing that? Or was it an okay thing of me to ask her?

Let's see what readers thought.

boktan78 writes:

NTA. What you do in private is your own business, but her doing that in front of other people is pretty likely making OTHER people uncomfortable. Seriously, no one wants to hear that.

interestingmu9 writes:

NTA. And you found a sore spot for your GF. She was probably ready to give it up anyway and the embarrassment pushed her over the edge. The test here is whether or not she has the maturity to stop blaming you for whatever 2nd hand embarrassment she feels. If she can’t, your relationship won’t survive.

cosmicstarchild writes:

NTA! You communicated something that wasn't comfortable for you. You never asked her to stop, nor did you say you were embarrassed, she just took it there. Totally unnecessary.

If that's something you wish to share with your gf in private, that is okay. She has to respect your boundaries too. Why would she WANT you to be uncomfortable and why does she feel everyone needs insight into your most intimate/personal moments? Red flag all day! NTA!

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for him?

Sources: Reddit
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