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Man berates wife after she gives him 'bad medical advice' for his sleep apnea. AITA?

Man berates wife after she gives him 'bad medical advice' for his sleep apnea. AITA?


When this man is upset with his wife, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying 'fu' to my wife for her medical advice to me?'

This weekend, I (35m) took a sleep test for the first time in my life. My wife (36f), is a skeptic of American medicine and has been upset with how much I use my phone.

So to start, we have an 18 month old baby that we take care of, but I wake up groggy and grumpy every day and have been for decades. So when I finally had the chance to take a sleep study, I jumped on it.

Now, I got the results back 2 days ago, and it came back positive. Obstructive sleep apnea. I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was the price of a machine, nearly $900. So I booked an appointment to get the machine.

My wife was livid. She told me that it's too much to pay, that I have student loans to pay off, that she's been saving all this money just for me to waste on myself, when she hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in over a year and a half.

She says that since I sleep heavily, I might at sleep better than she does. So last night, she was saying all I need to do is 'Don't be in your phone all the time and you'll sleep better.' I was tired of her always thinking she's smarter than doctors so I abruptly said 'F&% you.' and stormed out of the room.

Now it's today. I cancelled the appointment, I'm not expecting anything to get better, she is still not speaking to me, and I'm wondering if I'm wrong here. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

rebekah writes:

NTA. A sleep apnea machine is a CPAP machine. You need it to help you breathe. If a physician says you need that machine, then you NEED that machine.

jacksonlove3 writes:

NTA. But YtA for canceling the appointment! Reschedule and get the equipment! It’s a huge cost but it’s needed for your health and your wife not understanding that is ridiculous. It’s not like you’re spending $900 on a new game system or something unnecessary! Your wife’s priorities are definitely skewed.

icedhemp9 writes:

ESH - mostly your wife but a gentle one to you for not handling it in a more mature way. This puts you at risk for developing diabetes, strokes and heart attack. Shorter lifespan and poor cardiovascular heath. Perhaps your doctor can explain to her all the risks of untreated apnea.

I would be very concerned if all these things don’t concern her. If she has an issue with the phone, she should make it a separate conversation. Saying your phone use is a cause of obstructive sleep apnea feels like she’s just using it to get what she wants.

Make the appointment and get your machine. Then make a marriage counseling appointment because I don’t see this going away.

So, is OP being an AH? Does he need to get this machine? Do YOU have any experience with sleep apnea?

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