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Man buys fiancee's grandparents' house to surprise her, she dumps him, he keeps it secretly.

Man buys fiancee's grandparents' house to surprise her, she dumps him, he keeps it secretly.


There's nothing quite like an ex who re-enters your life just to yell at you one last time.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he's wrong for not telling his former fiance that he bought her dream house. He wrote:

"AITA for not telling my former fiancé I bought her dream house?"

10 years ago, my fiancé left me (38m) a few weeks before our wedding. We grew up in a small town. We were friendly, went to the same school, but we never were in the same clique. She was one of the popular kids and I wasn’t. A few years after college, I moved back home when my dad got sick. I found a job in my field about 45 minutes away from home. I would help take my dad to his chemo appointments.

It was during one of those appointments I ran into my ex. She now worked at the hospital. One day while waiting, I asked her out. It turned out we shared a lot of the same interests. It seemed like our relationship was going great. About a year or so into dating, Ex and I moved into a rented house together. The following year, I proposed. We began looking for a house.

Ex always wanted to live in her grandparents’ house on the lake near our town. Her family was forced to sell the house when her grandparents died because of an inheritance dispute. 6 months before our wedding, a chance event happened. The couple who bought her grandparents' lake house had grown tired of our snowy winters.

It took some work and nearly all of my savings, but I was able to buy her dream house. It was going to be my surprise wedding present so I didn’t dare tell her or anyone in her family my plans. A month before our wedding, EX and her friends went to Miami for her bachelorette party. I am not sure all of what happened there, part of me doesn’t really want to know, but I do know her high school BF was there.

When she got back, from the trip, she broke down and confessed she was afraid to get married and wanted to call it off. It was a mess. She later moved to Florida and eventually married HS BF. I ended up moving back to the city for an amazing job. In the meantime, I still had the lake house. With the help of my mom and dad, we started to fix up the lake house. It took a few years.

My mom and dad would look after the contractors while I was in the city. Having the house was perfect when the everything locked down. I was able to escape the city and work remotely from the lake house. I now live here full-time and work remotely. This summer we had 4th of July at the Lake House. My SIL used photos from the lake this summer in her Christmas card.

One of those cards made it to Ex’s cousin. The cousin recognized the house. The Saturday before New Year’s EX’s Mother and Sister were at my front door. After pleasantries and answering their initial questions, they made an offer to buy it. I refused. They were not happy. A few days I got a long text from EX. This was the first time in about 9 years she has talked with me.

She called me an a&s for keeping this from her. Her family is blaming her for losing the house again. She then asked me sell. I still have no intention to sell. Now her and her family are complaining on social media that this is some sort of revenge. AITA?

Redditors jumped on with all kinds of thoughts.

Noturaveragrchemist wrote:

NTA. Your intention was to surprise your ex with the house at the wedding. If you had called off the wedding, I’d reconsider my judgement but she is the reason why she doesn’t have access to that house. On top of that, you’ve made the house your own. Enjoy it!

speakmoreltome wrote:

Oh come on my guy! You know you’re NTA. Enjoy your sweet lake house that now belongs to your family. The ex (and her family) are just salty because they realized what they missed out on. Personally, I wouldn’t even reply. Just block and never think of her again.

Fun_Concentrate_7844 wrote:

NTA and funnier than s#$t. I'd now be posting daily updates from life around the house. Then maybe tag the ex and say this could have been

DesertSong-LaLa wrote:

NTA. The audacity of them to feel entitled to your home. Like rubbing salt in a sword wound. You secured this for her. She left the relationship. Block their noise and boot them out of your

**File the statements of revenge with the police. It may seem 'not that important' but do it; even if the police are not enthusiastic. If damage ( e.g., arson) occurs every person involved in revenge talk will become top suspects. Also be sure your home is insured to 'rebuild'...these costs climb every year.

OP is NTA in any way, his ex's family is acting completely entitled.

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