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Man asks if he's wrong to charge girlfriend 'service fee' for handling bills.

Man asks if he's wrong to charge girlfriend 'service fee' for handling bills.


'AITA for charging my gf a service fee for handling the bills?'

Me and my gf live together and I generally handle all the bills. We split everything down the middle but I get the mail, make sure they're paid on time, and all that. I just let her know how much the bills are and she pays me half at the end of the month.

Anyways, I started telling her the total was like 3 to 5% higher than it actually is. I figured places charge a service fee for a credit card (really its for the convenience) so it makes sense to do the same for me.

She found out after a year and a bit and is demanding I pay her back for the extra. It's like $50 but over a whole year so it's not like it's a lot. AITA??

Here's what people thought of OP's bill paying system:

sunnydays0306 writes:

YTA - this is a relationship, not a bank. Your GF shouldn’t have to worry about hidden fees. Yeesh

sadwatermelon13 writes:

Plus even banks can't hide them THIS well as in never disclose them anywhere at all. Legally a hidden fee is one not readily apparent. This AH OP just straight never said a word before he started stealing

houseofleavesx writes:

YTA. What is wrong with you??

ankamarawolf writes:

Lol OP fast tracking his dumba** to being single

Over_Discipline_8363 writes:

I randomly estimated the amount and he is YTA that can't math. I figured $400 a month x .03 x 12 = $144

stinkfingerdude writes:

This is actually hilarious. Do you TRULY believe you're not doing anything sh**ty charging your GF a service fee?

flay_tv writes:

YTA - If I’m handling a bill and it’s an uneven ¢ amount, I’ll make them pay the extra penny. But a 3-5% fee? That’s ridiculous.

Tyrrax writes:

YTA you lied to and stole from her, charging a fee would theoretically be fine if she knew about it but she didn't so she should dump you.

maevian writes:

He said it’s a fixed 5% in excel in the comments [comment now deleted], they also live together so it probably includes rent. So make that a lot more as $400.

OP reads the comments and responds:

Drink_Deep writes:

YTA. Really, dude? Come the f**k on. It’s not a service you provide, it’s a chore that you handle. You must be insufferable

Emotional_Remote417 OP responded:

I'm not that bad

RMaua says:

Dude, you asked for judgement, you got it now you are pushing back? Come on now!

Emotional_Remote417 OP responded:

Ok you are right. I should just let the judgement be

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