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Man DEMANDS that bartender give his GF a new drink. Says 'This one isn't safe.' AITA?

Man DEMANDS that bartender give his GF a new drink. Says 'This one isn't safe.' AITA?


When this man stands up for his GF and isn't sure if it was the right thing to do, he aks Reddit:

'AITA for demanding the bartender give my fiance another drink?'

I (M25) was with my fiance (F23) and one of our friends (M24) at a bar late night. We had the munchies and no other places in town were open. My fiance ordered some food and a drink.

The friend and I did not order anything. My fiance left to use the restroom; while she was gone her food and drink came out. Her drink was a beer, which was canned.

The bartender/server had opened the drink and set it down on a counter away about ten feet away from us, leaving it there for a few minutes, then picked it up and walked over to us setting it down in front of my fiance's seat. She then then turned to walk away.

My friend and I exchanged glances, thinking why would she leave the preopened drink there and then with us. I've worked as a bartender and I would never leave a girls drink open while she was away; I would have just left the can unopened.

It had also been sitting between a bunch of guys for a few minutes while she was off chatting with some dude at another side of the bar The only reason she reembered the drink in the first place was because one of the guys was asking who this drink was for.

When she put it on the table in front of us, I asked the server if it was customary to preopen drinks and just leave them between customers. She got extremely upset and began rolling her eyes while asking her what we were accusing her of.

I told her I was just curious as Im aware of the dont leave your drink unattended rule and I would never do that as a bartender.

I then asked her to replace the drink and the server became furious. My fiance had a previous incident regarding drink tampering and I had bells ringing in my mind. It eventually turned into a full blown argument.

My fiance came back from the bathroom to find us arguing, while being extremely confused. The bartender was super rude to her as well which set me off further. We then got kicked out of the bar for causing a commotion. AITA for demanding another drink?

Let's see what readers thought.

happywalz writes:

NTA. Your concerns were valid and that server needed to be told that. Drinks should not be passed around at a bar and left around for a chance to be fiddled with. She’s a bartender and should know that. Good on you for speaking up.

okcardio writes:

NTA. This was an important conversation to have with the bartender and this was not acceptable behavior on her part. It was between multiple other men who could have touched her drink; she also doesn’t know how well you two know each other. It could’ve been a first date and it’s not something you take lightly.

Getting your drink spiked is no laughing matter. She should have simply waited till your fiancé arrived. I don’t understand the point of opening a drink and leaving it at different places around a bar. I’m glad you stood up for your fiancé and didn’t stay silent.

eatingmaggots writes:

NTA. You should ALWAYS err on the side of caution when drinking at a bar. A while back my parents were at a bar and my mom ordered a drink. She got up to use the bathroom and I suppose my dad was not paying attention.

When she came back she decided she didn’t want her drink and gave it to my dad, who only had one drink prior, definitely not enough to get drunk. Dad got drugged. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for him?

Sources: Reddit
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