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Man goes on GF's laptop, finds her online posts bragging about how she controls him.

Man goes on GF's laptop, finds her online posts bragging about how she controls him.


'Last night I read what my fiance had to say about me and I don't know how our relationship can continue'


I thought things were going really well. Not only do we seem to get along great, but our families do as well. In hindsight, I think there were some signs but I'm only able to piece them together now.

I started my career in IT then transitioned to machine learning early on so I've generally been pretty financially well off. When we started dating I remember early on how she kept pushing for details about my career.

At the time, I worked for a small firm, and was always reluctant to give away information regarding my position and place of employment, but she was insistent.

Since then she has absolutely remained firm that when we go out, I have to foot the entire bill regardless of circumstance.

I didn't mind and mostly just assumed she grew up in a traditional household and even though I'm not that traditional in my mindset, I was willing to respect key parts of her up bringing.

Last night, I wanted to read an article from a site that doesn't have appropriate formatting for a phone. I was heading for my laptop but I noticed hers open a few feet from me so I decided to use it out of convenience.

When I opened chrome, the first page to load was r/FemaleDatingStrategy and she had several tabs open from their separate web forum. Turns out she's pretty active on there and gives out advice. In numerous posts and comments she describes to other posters how she keeps 'her scrote' (apparently me) in check and how establishing dominance early is key.

There were posts about how important it is to keep the appearance of having options to keep the 'scrote' chasing.

I'm completely shell shocked. I have always treated her with respect and would never think to talk about her in a demeaning way, but to see her talk about me that way was shocking. It's like she's gamified our entire relationship and has zero respect for me.

When I told her I saw her on that page, she lied and told me she was just scrolling and didn't care for it. When I told her I saw what she had been posting, she went silent then started crying.

We didn't talk after that and I slept on the couch, but I honestly don't see how this relationship can continue.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


She clearly doesn’t respect you and is taking advantage of you. The sooner you cut ties with her the better. My unsolicited advice though is if you break up with her under no circumstances take her back.

She’ll probably try some manipulative tricks to trap you again just based off her history of giving dating “advice” (which is really just manipulation strategies), but you need to be firm. It will hurt for awhile but you will stronger for it. You deserve someone who respects you. Good luck.


⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ OP, this comment is on point. And you most definitely deserve better.


You should have posted “Hi this is (fiancé’s username’s) scrote. She left her laptop open and I’ve read all of her posts. She’s single now because she is lying, manipulative, narcissistic, loser, undeserving of love. Read her posts and follow her advice at your own peril. Byeeeeeee”


“Keep the appearance of having options to keep them chasing”

😂 The f*cking logic.

“So many dudes want this V so like you better stay cuz I goz sooo many oppshins 💅💅”

And calling you a scrote? Haha wtf is this femcell pink pill bullsh*t terminology?

How lame.

What would you do in this situation, if you were the OP? Is there any way to salvage this relationship and should he even want to?

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