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Teen learns GF is dating him as a dare, her dad helps him get revenge. UPDATED 2X

Teen learns GF is dating him as a dare, her dad helps him get revenge. UPDATED 2X


Honestly, this one is a real life 'Mean Girls' situation.

And the OP's girlfriend; she can't sit with us.

One teen writes about being a part of a cruel prank from the classmate that he thought was the girl of his dreams. Turns out, she was a real nightmare. When he found out that he was just a joke to her, even her own father decided to help him get back at her.

'My girlfriend dated me because of a dare'


My girlfriend(17f) and I(18m) have been dating for five months. Before we started dating, I had a crush on her for roughly a year. It was quite well known since one of my old friends spilled it directly to her and her friends.

They giggled for some time, but she never made a move on me or spoke to me about it. We're just classmates and aren't close.

For new years, she hosted a birthday party for her 17th birthday. I was overjoyed and happily came. It was a great party. Though, I was mostly off to the side since my old friends were mainly mingling with other people.

A few days afterwards, she came up to me and asked to meet me after school. We agreed to meet at the park where she confessed she had feelings for me and wanted to be a couple. I was over the moon and we began dating that day.

Our relationship was pretty solid. We didn't get into many fights, but she wasn't all that affectionate which I was fine with. We never got intimate and mainly did small things like cuddling.

Skip to five months. She was in my home and in the kitchen, making herself a snack. Her phone was buzzing and she asked me to bring it over. Her settings are where you can see the first line of the message.

The phone also automatically turns on whenever she receives a notification. I took a glimpse and it was one of her friends. I didn't take a good look, but it read something like 'when is the breakup happening?' Which immediately attracted my attention.

I unlocked her phone since I knew her password prior. I read a few more messages where they were talking about a prank they pulled on me.

I confronted her about it and she went silent. After some prodding, she confessed. During her birthday, one of her friends dared her to ask me out. She got guilty when we continued dating for months upon months. It was supposed to be a one time thing with a simple date at a restaurant.

They planned to hook me up with someone and frame me for cheating in the next few weeks, so she has a valid reason to break up with me. It also gave the other girls a chance to spread rumors about me. We got into a huge fight and I told her to leave and that we are done.

It's only been a few hours and I'm absolutely devastated. I really, really liked this girl and she decided that it was a fun idea to pull on my heartstrings. I don't know what to do.

Her things are still here, so I'm going to put it all in a box and leave it outside. She's been texting me, apologizing and trying to explain herself. I blocked her friends numbers since they were also harassing me.

I haven't blocked her number just yet since we have to get each other's stuff from the others' houses. After that, I'll be going no contact. Luckily the school year is almost over and I'm graduating, so I don't have to see her again. Still, I'm really upset. It hurts man.

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I'm curious about how she is going to explain herself. She dated you on a dare, to toy with your feelings. She planned to frame you for cheating. Her friends were going to spread rumors about you afterwards. They targeted you and planned to devastate you emotionally, then ruin your reputation. Why? What possible excuse could they give?


Bro you'll get better gf trust me just focus on yourself and please talk to someone like you're friend.


People who do this are actually disgusting. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. But at least you got to see her true colors early on.


I’m sorry they put you through this but you must protect yourself from all of them and for that you must capture and records every messages /mails/vocals messages /phones calls in case they want to spread rumors that will destroy your reputation! Those kind of girl have no morals or conscious ,they are heartless.

You don’t have to blame yourself on anything,unfortunately too many stupid people like them don’t find anything else to do then making fun of others! They are empty people so don’t let them have power on you.

It’s not because that idiot date with you for this disgusting reason will mean you can’t date someone who will really care and have true feelings for you. They are trash and thank God you catch her and her friends so protect yourself from their actions.


Dam OP, she’s garbage. I promise you, this hurt will pass and you’ll look back and be “what a piece of sh*t”. You’ll find a better person that actually wants to date you. Congratulations on graduating!

The next day, the OP returned with more information.

'UPDATE: My girlfriend dated me because of a dare'


I honestly didn't expect to post an update so soon, but since I did agree to pick up my things today while also dropping hers off, I don't know why I expected nothing to happen.

A lot of you pointed out about she may have fallen in love with me during our relationship. It doesn't matter if she did or not. She broke my trust and I'm no longer attracted to her after yesterday. She allowed her friends to talk sh*t about me and plotted to destroy my reputation.

She's weak minded and I'm not going to further date someone who will pick their abusive friends over their romantic interest. Do I feel bad? A little, but I tried warning her and she did not listen.

Now onto the actual update!

So I went to my ex's house with a friend of mine since there was no way in hell I'm going there alone. It was right before school. I didn't see my things outside so I rang the door bell. Her father came out and handed me my things while I gave him her things. He asked if I had cheated on her since she's crying in her room about it.

So yeah. More of you were right about them spreading rumors and trying to blast me. I explained I didn't and even showed the screenshots I had on my phone. I ended up sending him it through his phone number.

He thanked me and said he'll take a look at it. I told him if he didn't believe me through this then look at her phone. My friend and I left to go back home and get ready for school. I'm happy I got my guitar back since it's really the only thing I valued.

After school, I got a call from my ex's dad. He apologized for the accusations and found the group chat of the girls and the hook up plans. He said he was going to punish his daughter and find these friends' parents.

He got their names already and he's prodding my ex to know where they live. I told him he could use my screenshots as evidence to back me up. Props to the dad for being calm about this.

That's really all that happened. I know her dad and he's a scary man. He's 6ft and built. He can be very intimidating and I know my ex will give up the information.

It's only matter of time; the girls will fall. I'll be keeping an eye out since I have a week left of school. If anything happens, I'll post another update. I'm not interested in finding their socials and seeing if they already started spreading the whole cheating rumors.

I'm sure they did. However, everything was fine at school, but now it's the weekend, so I may receive some backlash when I return. I honestly don't care. I already got accepted into a college and I'm ditching this place. I just need to survive a week and graduation. My ex's dad will do all the heavy work.

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Kudos to ex’s Dad for handling it like a pro. Not many believe others over their own children(even after proofs). Glad things worked out well in the end for you. Cheers!


You deserve better. I hope you find someone better in the future.


What I... Did one of the ex's friends just really want to f*ck this guy over or did they just want to make drama for no reason? Like.. that is a lot of effort for no self gain right?


Just another reason why I hate high school drama. It’s all so petty and meaningless, and it almost always gives me a head ache.


Wow, I feel bad for that girl's poor dad too. He's all squared up to defend his daughters broken heart, and instead is handed proof that she's an actual sack of poo in a skin suit. Must have been rough news.

OP is really mature about this. What on earth could have motivated those girls?

It seemed like this would be the end of the story for a while. But after 2 weeks, the OP returned.


Man, sorry it took so long. I got busy wiith graduation and was waiting for things to be finished up. Now that I think it is, this may be the final update to conclude this mess.

My ex got grounded, of course. All technology has been stripped away and she was forced to delete all her socials in front of her dad (besides FB cuz of family connections). She isn't allowed out of the house and he's hoping to get her a job over the summer. All that money will be directly funded to her college savings and none for spending. So LMAO

Her dad also messaged me that she ended up ratting out her friends' addresses and he went to each house to talk to the parents. I don't know what happened to them, but some were furious at graduation.

I know they had a huge fight with my ex and everyone dropped her as a friend. They dropped each other as well. The whole friend group basically crumbled except like two of them. I'm pretty sure my ex probably has one or two friends left, if any at all. She was well popular then dropped to the bottom of the food chain. It's hilarious.

None of the girls confronted me, except my ex. She came up to me after graduation when I was heading back to the car with my parents. She stopped me midway. She apologized profusely and admitted she never actually saw me as a lover, but as a best male friend.

She realized how much we had in common when she took me on that date and wanted to get to know me more. She's a lesbian, but wanted to keep the charade of us pretending to be lovebirds so her friends wouldn't think she's a freak for liking girls. They're quite homophobic and would've dropped her (they did anyways so..).

She also used the whole prank card as an excuse to not breakup since I could have told people and word would've been spread around and it could've ruined her reputation too. Which is why they did the whole getting me framed for cheating thing. I'm surprised she suspended it for several months and got that far. It's impressive actually.

If I hadn't caught her in time, she probably would have gotten through with it due to pressure. So basically she used me so people think she's straight and also to not ruin her reputation if she came out that it was a prank to date me.

The only thing I forgave her for was her being a lesbian. I'm a straight cis male, but I can't imagine how scary it might be to be in a circle full of homophobics (whom you knew since you were kids) if I was gay. She didn't want to be discarded as a social outcast. I'm sure she would have found plenty of friends who would have accepted her for who she is. We don't live in the 1900s, lmao.

Still, I understand why. I honestly would have rather her come out as a lesbian than using our relationship as a 'prank'. It would've been so much easier to handle.

In the end, I told her to leave me alone and that I blocked her. She understood and left. She was sobbing so much and was having a panic attack in the parking lot. I had to drag her away from my parents at one point since I didn't want them finding out what's been going on. I only told them we broke up and this is a final conversation to clear things up.

I do feel bad for her, but I can't help her. I do hope she finds better friends honestly. Anyway, that's all for the update.

I told her dad that I made a reddit post about this situation. I didn't want to out her, so I asked him to ask her if it would be okay. She said yes. I don't know if she read my posts or not, but she definitely now knows I wrote about her to reddit. Oops.

Edit: I found out she lied about being a lesbian to gain sympathy points. Psychopath

The OP has promised an update here and he certainly delivered. Kids can be pretty cruel. If you could say anything to this heartbroken teen, what would you tell him?

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